Needing something fun to do with your family this weekend? There is a new Cards Against Humanity Family Edition available now and it's completely free. However, be ready for a little DIY with this new deck.

The new family-friendly edition of the game comes with the classic black and white cards just like the original but it isn't NSWF, so you won't cringe at the thought of playing with your mom.

When you click "download and print for free", you have to agree to a few things before you actually get the deck.

First, you have to agree to stay home during the pandemic unless it's necessary.

Then you have to agree to listen to medical experts.

Finally, you have to agree to "stop buying all the toilet paper. I’m tired of taking a shower every time I poop."

After that, you can download the small card pack or the large card pack.

The small pack has 20 cards per page and 21 pages in total, while the large one has nine cards per page and a total of 47 pages.

From there, you just have to cut up all the cards once they're printed, and boom, you're ready to play!

If you want some more DIY, you could even cross out some of the white card answers and write your own like replacing the "Aunt Linda" one with the name of your aunt to make it even funnier.

What would you put down for a black card that says "Coming to theatres this holiday season, 'Star Wars: The Rise of ____.'"?

Maybe "eating a whole roll of toilet paper" or "the way grandpa smells."

How about for "Mom? You have to come pick me up! There’s ____ at this party"?

Maybe "Aunt Linda" or "puberty" or "coming back from the dead."

Yes, those are all real cards from the new deck.

This new version of the card game was supposed to launch in the fall but the online version was released to the public earlier because families needed things to do now.

In that US, it'll be available at some Target locations in the fall for $25, but get it now while it's free.

This isn't the only game company stepping up with deals to make your stay-at-home time better. 

A bunch of Nintendo Switch games are on sale lately, with some for as low as $1. 

Or if you need a break from your real-life family and want to bond with a made-up virtual one, you could get The Sims 4 for only $5. 

Either way, if your quality family time is needing a pick me up, there are so many other games that you can buy online right now to beat your boredom.