Carolina Panthers Fans Predict New Head Coach After Ron Rivera's Severance

Who will take his place?
Carolina Panthers Coach Is Out & Twitter Might Know Who's In

It was announced yesterday that Ron Rivera has been let go from the Panthers. The unexpected decision has some scratching their heads regarding the sudden change, especially when the season is coming to a close. Fans on Twitter seem to hate seeing the long-time Carolina Panthers coach go, and fans are already predicting who will take his place.

Team owner David Tepper came to the conclusion this week that Rivera is no longer a good fit for the team. Former defensive backs coach, Perry Fewell, has been hired as the interim replacement. 

In a Twitter Media Studio interview (December 3), Tepper revealed why he decided to let Rivera go. "I thought it was time, given the way things have gone the last two seasons," he states. "As much respect as I have for Ron, I think a change was appropriate to build things the way I want things to be built." 

The sudden shift comes at a weird time because the team has only four final games left in the season (their last game of the year is on December 29). 

When asked why he made the decision at the close of the season, Tepper had a vague response, " I don't want to be doing things not upfront, it's just not who I am; I'd rather be straight up and honest."

According to The Daily Caller, Jim Harbaugh is favored to be the next coach.

This twitter user agrees, stating that "Jim Harbaugh should be the next coach of my Carolina Panthers!"

However, Twitter fans are using their own personal expertise to predict who will take Rivera's place in the long-run. 

One user declared it could be Oklahoma State University head coach, Mike Gundy, "Still a chance Mike Gundy is the next Carolina Panthers head coach."

Will this fan be the winner, as he is, "Calling it now: Greg Roman the Carolina Panthers' head coach in 2020."

So far, many Twitter fans don't agree with Ron being fired after leading the team to many victories, including three NFC South titles, through his nine years as head coach.

He scored them a spot in the Superbowl and some claim he's the best coach the Charlotte-based team has ever had, including this fan who tweeted, "Coach Ron - you have by far been the best coach the @CarolinaPanthers have ever had. Thank you for the great years and keeping the team together through the down times when they could easily have packed it in. Best of luck to you and your family going forward!!!"  

But there's also a chance that Fewell will turn permanent, according to David Tepper.

He revealed that Fewell is essentially "auditioning" for a permanent role, but he's also scoping out other replacements. Tepper went on to say he's looking for a mesh of old football discipline and modern processes. 

Let's hope that Fewell will be a successful last-minute stand-in and can help the Panthers pull through the rest of the season. And let's also cross our fingers that Cam Newton's untimely foot surgery goes well.

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