If you're caught up with all the new shows that aired on cable television this fall, then you've probably checked out the new medical sitcom, Carol's Second Act. There are quite a few familiar faces on the show including Patricia Heaton and Ashley Tisdale. Heaton's character becomes a medical intern at a later stage in life. One of the other interns she works with is played by Canadian actress, Sabrina Jalees. The show is definitely worth watching especially if you're into medical series like Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy. And Carol's Second Act Ashley Tisdale and Sabrina Jalees are now co-stars and BFFs. 

Jalees was born in 1985 in Toronto and recently moved to Los Angeles as part of her acting career. She went to Ryerson University in downtown Toronto and graduated from the Radio and Television Arts program.

If you've seen Jalees in Carol's Second Act and just can't put your finger on where you know her face from, it's probably from her career on the MuchMusic channel where she was a judge on Video On Trial from 2005 to 2012 alongside other classic comedians.

Jalees was also a panellist on Match Game for a year in 2012. 

Not only is Jalees an actress and comedian, but she was also a writer for Canada's Got Talent in 2012, and a story editor for two years on the Baroness Von Sketch Show.

Jalees is also openly gay and currently has a wife named Shauna McCann and they share a son named Wolfie. And earlier this year, Huffington Post called Jalees the "'Lesbian Ray Romano' We've Been Waiting For" hinting at the connection to Jalees' new co-star, Patricia Heaton, who played Romano's TV wife for nine years.

Tisdale and Jalees definitely hit it off and have been open about their new friendship on Instagram. They even posted a photo today stating that they made a TikTok account together, which we can only expect will be full of hilarity. 

There's also another Canadian in Carol's Second Act that you might recognize and his name is Jean-Luc Bilodeau. The Vancouver born actor starred as Ben Wheeler in the show Baby Daddy, which ran for six seasons. 

He plays another intern at the hospital and is Tisdale's character's love interest. 

Check out the trailer for Carol's Second Act below.

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