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The First Ever Cartoon Network Hotel In Pennsylvania Is Finally Open & Totally Worth The Road Trip

Gear up the car and get those Spotify playlists ready for the most nostalgic trip of a hotel stay ever!

We all love ourselves a good road trip. Whether it's the journey full of sights on the drive or the destination that fills you with excitement, the Cartoon Network Hotel in Pennsylvania will have you ready to gear up and head out!

Located in the city of Lancaster, the first-ever Cartoon Network-themed hotel finally opened its doors on January 10, 2020, and it's got us full of that sweet sweet nostalgia.

If you happen to be departing from Tampa, it's going to take you at least 15 to 16 hours — but it is totally worth the trip.

You might want to pack your Princess Bubblegum plushie and load up that Spotify playlist with theme songs from your fave shows for this one.

Before you even step foot in the building, Jake and Finn from Adventure Time will welcome you, wrapped around and sitting atop the building's roof near the entrance.

The main floor features a massive lobby with grand staircases leading up to other zones and rooms, and even just this area alone is off the chain, with egg chairs, colorful murals featuring Cartoon Network characters, wiggly lighting fixtures, and more.

The lobby acts as a central meeting hub for all of the other crazy fun activities you can do here, and trust us, there is no shortage of entertainment at this resort.

You'll find a We Bare Bears-themed coffee shop known as The Bearista Cafe for all your caffeine needs, as well as a cafeteria with dishes from your fave shows that they call the Cartoon Kitchen. Bacon-pancakes anyone?

You can also draw and create your own candy cartoons to project on the big screen, Power Puff yourself, reveal characters on colorful dance tiles in the Toon Room, or get your game on in the Ben 10 Omni-Arcade.

If you're a loungin' poolside kind'a guy, you'll find an Adventure Time-themed pool featuring a massive slide, hot tub, and canopy-covered lounge area, as well a Power Puff Girls-inspired splash pad nearby.

Also outside, you can watch exclusive screenings of never before seen episodes and shows on a giant screen shaped like Finn's head.

They even have a pool concession stand if you want to snack 'n' swim. The heated indoor pool is open year-round, with a kiddie zone and hot tub too.

So what about the rooms? Just how over the top is this place?

Each is modeled after the characters you know and love, like the baddie-beating Powerpuff Girls,

adventures with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human from Adventure Time,

cuddles with We Bare Bears or goofin' off with Gumball,

and even Ben 10 and Steven Universe.

The Cartoon Network hotel also offers the option to customize your room, having extra touches added to your suite that are on-theme to make your stay that much more animated.

Or opt for a mega dream suite with everything you could ever need, including a living room with a flat-screen TV, a Keurig for coffee, a kitchenette, a king bed master suite, bunk beds each equipped with their own flat-screen, and a dining area. The suites sleep anywhere between six and 10 people!

And yes, all rooms come wi-fi-ready so you're always connected.

A stay here will run anywhere between $169 and $369 per night, package and theme depending — with your choice of King, Queen, Twin, Double, Full, and combination suites that have bunk beds.

Those looking to head home with a souvenir will want to hit up the merch shop to commemorate their road trip; there you'll find apparel, toys, plushies, phone cases, beach bags, sandals, mugs and much more featuring your favorite characters.

Our inner kid is screaming right now! Sure, this hotel was made with kids in mind, but that doesn't mean you have to be a kid to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Check out their promo video below for a more in-depth look at everything this nostalgia-inducing paradise has to offer.

Ready for your road trip? We sure are! You can find the address and additional information in the overview below.

Cartoon Network Hotel

Price Per Night: $169 to $369 per night for up to four guests.

Address: 2285 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster, PA

Why You Need To Go: Totally worth the road trip, with themed rooms, arcades, pools, cafes, and other fun entertainment everywhere you look. From the new cartoons to the old tried and true, this place is sure to unleash your inner kid and fill you with that sweet sweet nostalgia.

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