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This Eerie Spiritualist Town In Florida Is The Perfect Place For Ghost Hunting

If you love all things mystical and mysterious, then a trip to this town in Florida will give you goosebumps. Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp is the perfect place to ghost hunt; it is a community of spiritually-minded people and a place for mediums, healers, and psychics.

The place was established in 1894 and since then it has become a place for spiritual-seekers looking for answers. Since 1991, this camp was designated a Historic District and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

No matter if you are religious or simply curious, Cassadaga welcomes everyone and all religions. The community features a church, bookstore, and mediums open to do spiritual readings.

The 57-acre camp is made up of 55 homes and attracts believers from far and wide for spiritual healings, drum circles, group meditations, and more.

According to urban legend, there is a cemetery with the Devil's Chair supposedly haunted by Satan. But, we are not going to test the odds, right?

Cassadaga has many events happening throughout the month and one of the best ways to discover the camp is through a night tour. If you like the supernatural and ghost hunting, this tour experience is for you.

You can book a tour of Cassadaga at night for $25 where you will get to experience energy hot-spots, spirit energy and manifestation, and physical phenomena. You can book the tour here.

According to Vice, there are new agers that have found a place at the Cassadaga Hotel where they use tarot card and modern system beliefs. This hotel was burnt down in 1926 on Christmas day and then rebuilt. Some people claim the spirits still roam around.

This strange little town is definitely a must-visit during your next road trip. Don't forget to bring your camera and catch the spirit. 

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

Address: 1112 Stevens Street Cassadaga, FL 32744

Why you need to go: It's an entire town of spiritualists and supernatural energy!


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