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You Can Be In A 1980s Horror Remake Happening On North Carolina's Coast Next Month

They'll be filming on the famous Boardwalk.
Casting Calls In North Carolina Include A Vampire Flick On The Beach

The popular 1980s horror flick The Lost Boys is a timeless icon when it comes to vampire culture. Nearly 40 years later and a remake is underway to bring the teen angst mystery back to the surface. The team is looking for 200 extras to be featured in the new series and of all the casting calls in North Carolina, this one may take the top spot because it's along the dreamy coast.

Carolina Beach is a sunny town on Pleasure Island, with a whimsical boardwalk offering ocean views, dining, shopping, and even an annual carnival. Not only do vacationers and locals love the spot, location scouts do too.

According to an oceanfront, beach-centric eatery called Hurricane Alley's, the production team will be filming a revamped pilot for the new The Lost Boys series in Carolina Beach next month.

Information on the cast is not yet available, but they are looking for about 200 extras to join in on the project.

WECT reports that the background actors "will be needed for exterior shots featuring carnival attractions along the boardwalk."

According to the restaurant's announcement on Facebook, scouts from The CW television network joined in on the local boardwalk business meeting, to discuss filming the new series based on the 1987 feature film. 

[rebelmouse-image 25970431 photo_credit="IMDb" expand=1 original_size="999x1000"]

The production team will utilize several businesses on the boardwalk, including High Tide Lounge, to shoot scenes. The show takes place in Santa Clara, represented by the gorgeous Carolina coast

"It’s confirmed!!!! The location scouts for the CW came to our Boardwalk Business meeting and told us they will be shooting the pilot for the tv show The Lost Boys mid March. They will be filming at several businesses on the boardwalk, bringing in some carnival rides for the filming and they will be needing about 200 extras. They will also be filming at the High Tide at the North End," reads the post.

According to the comments, locals (and even those willing to travel) are eager for information on how to sign up.

Hurricane Alley's responded, stating that they will provide updates as soon as they have them — so keep your eyes peeled.

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