"Schitt's Creek" Stars Catherine O'Hara & Eugene Levy Admit They Once Dated (VIDEO)

The cast is closer than we thought!
"Schitt's Creek" Stars Catherine O'Hara & Eugene Levy Admit They Once Dated (VIDEO)

The Schitt’s Creek cast is apparently closer than we thought! Over the last six years, the comedy show has brought together families and longtime friends. However, news was just revealed that could explain why the Rose parents get along so well on and off-screen. Catherine O’Hara & Eugene Levy’s dating history includes one another.

The cast of the series recently visited Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen where a call-in question from a fan asked the pair whether or not the alleged dating rumours were accurate.

Levy jokingly passed the question on to O’Hara to deal with who admitted, “...everybody at Second City Theatre tried to date everybody.”

According to the Home Alone actress, the pair “did maybe one or two dates.” Their reasoning being that he made her laugh and “there’s nothing sexier than laughing together.”

However, in the end, they both agreed that they worked better professionally with O’Hara saying, “we get to have this working relationship because we didn’t go anywhere.”

The pair are now individually married, with both of Levy’s children working alongside them on Schitt’s Creek.

The on-screen husband and wife started their journey together back in 1976 when they were both cast in the sketch comedy series SCTV.

They’ve gone on to work in multiple movies including The Last Polka, Best In Show, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration.

Their time on Schitt’s Creek may be coming to an end but Moira and Johnny Rose aren’t the last characters they’ll play side by side.

According to IMDb, they’re currently working on an animated short film, The Beast, Heroes of the Wildfire.

You can catch O’Hara and Levy on the last season of Schitt’s Creek airing Tuesday nights on CBC.

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