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Iconic Canadian TV Series 'Schitt's Creek' Nominated For 4 Emmy Awards This Year

Schitt's Creek received 4 Emmy Award nominations this year!

Finally, after five years of hard work, the most iconic Canadians in the television industry are getting the recognition they deserve. Schitt's Creek is about to air their final season and it seems like they're definitely going to go out with a bang. The 2019 Emmy nominees were just released and Schitt's Creek managed to scoop up multiple nominations! There's one specific nominee that's especially getting everyone excited, Catherine O'hara's Schitt's Creek 2019 Emmy Nomination is causing fans to flip out in excitement for the Canadian actress.

Although Schitt's Creek has been nominated for other awards in the past, like the Screen Actors Guild and the Canadian Screen Awards, this will mark the first time the show has ever received an Emmy Award nomination. Some deem the Emmy Awards to be the highest honour in regards to TV show awards, so this is a big deal for the Canadian television show.

Schitt's Creek didn't just receive one Emmy nomination, but four in total! Canadian comedian Eugene Levy scored best leading actor in a comedy, Catherine O'Hara best leading actress in a comedy, and Debra Hanson and Darci Cheyne were nominated for Outstanding Contemporary Costumes.

The entire show was also nominated as the best comedy TV show in the category Outstanding Comedy Series. 

It's no wonder fans on Twitter are so excited:

Canadian actor, Dan Levy, who plays Daniel Rose, talked about what it’s like for Schitt’s Creek to be “recognized in any capacity.” In a previous statement, Levy talked about how he didn't expect for their CBC show to win any awards considering the show is so Canadian.

He stated, “...a win for either an actor or a writer or a director or the show itself is a win for the whole team because we were so collaborative in what we do that everyone is sort of invested in everybody else.”

Considering how special winning awards seems to be to this cast and crew, we hope they take home all four of these surreal nominations.

You can catch the cast at the Emmy Awards on September 22 and 8 PM EST!

Fingers crossed they win!