New Trailer For ‘Cats’ Movie Shows Taylor Swift Like Never Before & People Have Lots To Say

It's so unsettling!
New Trailer For ‘Cats’ Movie Shows Taylor Swift Like Never Before & People Have Lots To Say

Universal Pictures thought it would be a good idea to release the first look at their new Cats live-action movie...the same day Disney's live-action Lion King hit theatres. It was a very wrong choice. While the cast is somewhat intriguing - Taylor Swift, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson - there's no comparison to Beyoncé in any capacity. People are also coming off of an animation high. The CGI and digital work in Lion King is the best the world has ever seen, and Cats just showed us Taylor Swift looking like Sonic the Hedgehog. The new Cats trailer is a nightmare come to life, according to the internet.

As soon as Taylor Swift released the trailer of her new movie on Instagram last night, the memes began. Twitter exploded with talk about the musical turned film, and not in a positive light. Swift has been in the press a lot lately after her iconic music video that included basically everyone in Hollywood, and her ongoing scandal with Scooter Braun, but this is completely different. 

In the film, Taylor Swift plays an orange cat named Bombalurina. People have been poking fun at the unsettling animation since the trailer was released. On the bright side, the most hilarious memes have come out of it that has made Twitter the place to be. 

If you're wondering how the animation was done for the new film, The Hollywood Reporter said that the actors wore "performance-capture suits with body and facial tracking markers to create the nuanced movements while they worked on greenscreen and bluescreen sets."

While we're sure the movie is going to be amazing, and by amazing we mean Jennifer Hudson's rendition of Memories is going to be everything, we do have to admit that the animation makes us a little uncomfortable. 

Cats hits theatres December 20!

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