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This Trail Leads To A Hidden Graffiti-Covered Cave In Florida

Hidden away in plain sight.
caves in florida

Within the Withlacoochee State Forest lies a hidden oasis with modern graffiti signs and dark surroundings perfect to discover. Caves to explore in Florida include Dames Cave, a 1.2-mile trail near Brooksville, FL offering a great view from the bottom and peaceful place to rest.

As for other Florida caves, this one is not inside a spring or underground. Dames Cave is easily reachable through the Citrus Tract Cave Area. You have to be brave like Dora the Explorer to visit some caves but this one in Florida is ideal for beginners.

The cave has also been dubbed "Vandal Cave" due to the many graffiti drawings covering the walls. According to Florida Nature Coast, the cave's ceiling collapsed leaving a gaping hole you can view up into.

Nature photographers would find this place enchanting due to the rock formation and wide shape of the cave. There is a path were you can go down and explore other rooms, but it is not recommended for claustrophic people. Dames Cave can be reached along Highway 491 near Brooksville, FL.

The Citrus Tract Cave Area also has other caves such as Sick Bat Cave, Peace Cave, and Danger Cave. If you continue heading north on the trail you will discover Peace Cave. There are peace symbols painted on the trees surrounding the cave and it has the most extensive network of pathways.

All the caves in this region are open to the public, except the first couple of chambers of Dames Cave. You might need some agility for the tighter and narrow passages, but with the help of your friend be ready to discover the wonder of this state.

Dames Cave

Where: Citrus Tract portion of the Withlacoochee State Forest

Why you need to go: This cave has a graffiti sign and a broad space to take great nature photography.


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