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These 8 Celebs Are Actually From North Carolina

L.A. Isn't the only celeb hub.

When you think of celeb home towns, you might think of NYC or LA. Even though tons of stars move to big cities after their big breaks, there are a few who tend to always remember their roots. You might be surprised to find that these celebrities from North Carolina actually call the South their home. From Country music stars to A-list actors, there are tons of celebs that are either from the quaint southern state or call it home now.  

Zach Galifianakis

You'd probably never guess that the hilarious, bearded The Hangover star is from NC. He actually made (and starred in) a documentary about his home state that touches on important political issues.

Julianne Moore

This red-headed gal has become a huge actress after sprouting from her humble roots in the great NC. With Scottish lineage and freckles, she claims to have stood out in America when she was young. In an interview with The Guardian, she says she now has "other things to worry about."

Hunter Schafer

The Euphoria star and LGBTQIA+ activist got her stardom from the popular HBO show. She uses her newfound fame for good, protesting against social issues that limit social equality.

J. Cole

J. Cole talks about his NC origins quite often. The interviews from his HBO special, J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only, A Dreamville Film even take place in his hometown of Fayetteville.

Luke Combs

Given his genre of music, you may not be surprised that this Southern gent is from North Carolina. He always includes NC stops on his tours and, according to an ABC news source, "he's an Asheville native and he loves his hometown."


DaBaby is proud to call the Carolinas home and he is not afraid to pay homage to the state. He even performed a concert via FaceTime for his hometown fans when he couldn't physically be there.

Eric Church

This chart-topping musician marks another country star that's actually not from Nashville. His hit, "Give Me Back My Hometown" basically says he'll never forget where he came from. He also writes all his songs at a cabin in Banner Elk, NC.

Jermaine Dupri

Who knew this rap icon is from the South? Dupri is a true Southerner, born in Asheville and raised in Atlanta. According to an interview with The Undefeated, he basically lives by a Cam Newton quote, "I have the beast in my eyes, like I’m Tyson."