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Celebrities In Ontario This Week

While it may seem like you can't meet any of your favourite celebrities unless you make the trek to Los Angeles or New York, that's actually not true. Not only do A-list actors come to visit Canada for exciting movie and TV shoots, but they also come to visit in their free time. In fact, it's a perfect time to meet some of your favourite celebs. So, what celebrities will be in Ontario this week? Just keep reading and see! 

If you've ever been to Toronto, you probably know that it's pretty normal to see a production happening in the middle of the city. Just the other day, Liam Hemsworth was spotted in Toronto with a wedding ring on and getting fake hit by a car. These are definitely moments you don't want to miss. 

October is a busy month for Ontario, specifically Toronto and Ottawa as there is a ton of things happening. And we're not just talking about Thanksgiving. If you're ready to spot your favourite celebrity, make sure to read this list and have your camera ready. 

Chace Crawford

You definitely know Chace Crawford from his role as Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl. Crawford has a new role now, and it's definitely one you'll want to get to know. He will be in Toronto all month-long filming the second season of his hit TV show, The Boys.

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers will be taking their World War Joy tour to Toronto this week on Tuesday, October 8th. You may not only see just them roaming the streets of Toronto either. Their tour includes Nashville actress and singer Lennon Stella and hit band 5SOS.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth may not be having the best year due to his divorce from Miley Cyrus, however, that's not stopping him from doing what he loves. Hemsworth was seen in Little Portugal, Toronto filming his new movie Dodge and Miles. While it's not certain how long he'll be in the city for, you may want to roam around the city looking before he's gone.

Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama will be gracing Ottawa with her presence on Friday, October 11th for her event A Conversation with Michelle Obama. She recently published a book called Becoming, and you can guarantee this event will be pretty special.

Ellen Page

Juno actress Ellen Page will be in the Toronto area in October while filming her hit Netflix show The Umbrella Academy. The Canadian Actress stars as Vanya Hargreeves in the show, and you can actually visit where they film if you want to catch some of the action.

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