If you've been on the internet since Friday, then you've definitely heard about one of the biggest scandals on YouTube yet. Tati Westbrook, also known as GlamLifeGuru on YouTube, exposed James Charles in a YouTube video on Friday titled "BYE SISTER ...". The video details why she is no longer friends with him, his "unacceptable" behaviour, as well as everything she did to help him in his career. After watching this video and getting all the facts, James has lost millions of followers. You'll never believe the celebrities that have unfollowed James Charles after the Tati feud

If it seems to you like James Charles got famous overnight, it's because he pretty much did. But that's not without help from Tati and her husband, James. In the YouTube video, Tati explains that she was like a mom to James. She and her husband would help him with contracts, tell him the best moves to make, and they spent so much time together they were pretty much family. However, she started to see some traits she didn't agree with. 

The last straw for Tati was when James came back from Coachella and uploaded an Instagram story about SugarBearHair, which is a rival for her company, Halo Beauty. James apologized on Instagram and directly to her, but she couldn't see past everything she had done for him, and how he took advantage of their relationship. 

Tati made a 43-minute video exposing who James Charles really is, and basically, everyone took her side. In a matter of days, James went from 16.8 million YouTube subscribers to 13.8 million subscribers. He's also lost a million followers on Instagram. Among all the fans that are unfollowing him, so many celebrities are too. Some who you wouldn't expect either. These are all of the celebrities that have unfollowed James Charles amid scandal. 

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato and James Charles have been close for a while, having a friendship offline. She would comment on his pictures constantly, and he's done her makeup a few times. Looks like that friendship is cooling off for the summer.

Iggy Azalea 

Iggy Azalea hit that unfollow button even after James had her on his channel. James did her makeup for her, but it seems like it was a one-time thing.

Shawn Mendes

We all know that Shawn Mendes likes to stay unproblematic, so it's not a shock that he unfollowed James. He and James have a weird history after James commented "can you juggle me like that" when Shawn showed off his juggling skills on an Instagram live. Fans automatically thought that's why Shawn ended the live, but he later reached out and said his phone died.

Kylie Jenner

Looks like James won't be the next Kardashian sister. After filming a video together, Kylie and James became pretty close. However, Kylie most likely watched Tati's video and decided to nix her relationship with James ASAP.

Jeffree Star

James and Jeffree Star haven't been close for a while, and Jeffree made that clear after he supported Tati when she posted her video exposing James. In a since-deleted tweet, Jefree wrote that James was a "danger to society" and his boyfriend Nate actually banned him from their house earlier this year.

The Sister Squad

This one is probably the most shocking if you've been following the "Sister Squad" since it formed. The now-ended squad was formed by James Charles, Emma Chamberlain, and the Dolan twins, Ethan and Grayson. Their friendship hasn't been shown on camera since December, which led fans to believe something was up. And after all of them unfollowed James over the weekend, we know it's true.

Miley Cyrus 

While Miley Cyrus and James haven't hung out in person, she was also super supportive of him and commented on his photos all the time. However, she unfollowed over the weekend after Tati explained that James was a predator to boys.

Katy Perry 

Like Miley, Katy Perry and James Charles had never met. But over the weekend, Katy liked a tweet that was making fun of James' apology which was titled "Me dancing to James Charles apology".

If you haven't seen Tati's video and Jame's apology video, you can find them below: