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6 Celebrities That Have Major Love For Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Trudeau has plenty of celebrity fans!

Everyone's job gets difficult from time to time, but something tells me that running an entire country has got to be a bit more challenging than most people's 9-5. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took on the job of leading Canada back in 2015, but he may not be in office for too much longer! It wasn't too long ago when the PM announced that a federal election would be happening in 2019, and since then, plenty of new and revealing information has come out about Trudeau's past that has people questioning whether he should still be running our country. One thing that's never changed about Trudeau though, is his charm. Here are six celebrities that love Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Since he was first elected, Trudeau has taken many selfies with people all around the world. Whether he's giving a speech at a high school or meeting with other political leaders, the Prime Minister has never been one to shy away from the camera. Maybe it's because of his past as a drama teacher, or maybe it's simply because he's such a good looking guy (I mean just look at that hair), but Trudeau will always be Canada's selfie king, whether he's in office or not.


Pretty much everyone on the face of the planet loves Rihanna, but did you know that Rihanna has a few obsessions of her own? The singer has a pretty long-standing relationship with our PM and has never been afraid to ask him for help when it comes to causes she supports.

Barack Obama

This one shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. When they were both in office, Trudeau and former U.S. President Barack Obama developed a sort of bromance that brought Canadians and Americans together like nothing else. The two politicians still hang out from time to time — hopefully, their friendship continues on for years to come.


Shakira and Trudeau first crossed paths back in 2016, in Hamburg, Germany. The singer and the PM were both backstage at the Global Citizen's Festival and were given a chance to discuss very important issues like Canada’s feminist international assistance policy and girls’ education.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson first made a name for herself starring as Hermoine in the Harry Potter franchise, but since then she's also left her mark in the political world. The pair sat down before Watson's HeForShe event in Ottawa to discuss gender equality, among other things.

Kelly Ripa

When you're a daytime talk show host, you definitely get to meet a lot of cool people, including Trudeau! The PM appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan back in 2017 and was sure to snap some selfies with the hosts before getting on with his other duties.

Lana del Rey

It honestly didn't even cross my mind that Lana del Rey and Justin Trudeau exist in the same universe, but they do, and they took a photo together to prove it. The singer posed along with Trudeau and her good friend Courtney Love back in 2017. Love posted the photo to her Instagram, calling the PM "so dreamy."