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9 Celebrities Who Owned Unbelievable Real Estate In Canada (PHOTOS)

None of them are even Canadian!
9 Celebrities Who Owned Unbelievable Real Estate In Canada (PHOTOS)

Canada has a variety of real estate options available, from Lakeside cottages and suburban mansions to downtown paradises, the market is diverse enough that it could offer something for everyone. That includes A-listers looking to own property in the country. These celebrity homes in Canada are insanely beautiful and are owned by so many different Hollywood stars.

Stars also haven’t been shying when it comes to gushing about how much they love their property and the entire country.

Take a look at these celebs who call Canada home, even if it’s only for a portion of the year.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks may not permanently live in Canada but when he does decide to visit his neighbouring country, he has a luxurious Muskoka cottage waiting for him. According to The Travel, Hanks bought his Ontario cottage after close friend Goldie Hawn recommended the location to him.

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Steven Spielberg

One of the world’s biggest filmmakers also spends some downtime in Canada. As stated in Hello Magazine and Cottage Life, the 73-year-old also owns a luxury cottage in Muskoka, Ontario. He also spends time in Canada apart from his property even revealing to Zoomer how much he enjoys filming in the country and how Montreal has the “greatest bagels.”

You can view pictures of his Canadian property here.

Cindy Crawford

This 53-year-old actress added herself to the A-listers who vacation in Ontario when she bought her Muskoka cottage, according to House & Home. Her island paradise is so beautiful it was even featured in Vogue.

The magazine states that the cottage was built by her husband back in 2008. She told Vogue that when she’s vacationing the property makes her “feel real.” She often shares her time on the island with her Instagram followers.

Ethan Hawke

Back when Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman were married, the Globe and Mail reported their purchase of an island in Nova Scotia in 2002. The island then featured a newly built vacation home.

Although the two did separate, Hawke still spends time in his Nova Scotia getaway even explaining to CTV News that it’s partly why he signed onto his 2017 movie Maudie. He also admits he tries to visit the property with his family at least once a month every summer.

Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell

Goldie Hawn couldn't have recommended the Canadian vacation spot to Hanks if she hadn’t experienced it herself. Hawn and husband Kurt Russell also own a cottage in Muskoka at the edge of Lake Rosseau, according to Hello Magazine. It was also reported by the magazine that the couple is often spotted shopping in the nearby town Gravenhurst.

Daughter Kate Hudson has even been spotted vacationing at the cottage with ex-boyfriend Dax Shepard that was recalled by Jayne's Cottages.

Gene Simmons

According to KelownaNow, the Kiss singer and his family own a property in Whistler. He also took to Twitter to report that it's the "dream house" his wife has always wanted.

His wife, Shannon Simmons, has tweeted her love for the Whistler home many times as well. Alternative Nation also reported that the couple’s daughter, Sophie Simmons, tweeted out, “Partially moved into my new house in Whistler incredible, beautiful, peaceful. Thank you Paul Suter Custom Homes!” when renovations were complete.

Alan Arkin

Alan Arkin revealed his love for Canada when he discussed his Cape Breton, Nova Scotia home with gocapebreton. The 85-year-old admitted that it’s his “favorite place on earth.” He even told the interviewer he has visited multiple months a year for the past 20 years.

Mark Wahlberg

This actor, singer, and restaurant owner has owned property in Toronto since 2011. According to the Toronto Star, he purchased a 4,600-square-foot penthouse at 36 Hazelton in Yorkville. They also revealed the property was bought at $12 million.

His restaurant, Wahlburgers, is open in downtown Toronto on 46 Blue Jays Way.

Kyle Lowry

Raptors player Kyle Lowry might have many people convinced he’s Canadian by playing on the team, but he’s originally from Philadelphia.

However, he spoke to ESPN telling them how much he and his family have grown to love the city. The video also showcases the outside of his Toronto mansion. It was also featured in a video of Open Gym on The Raptors YouTube channel.

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