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Cell Phone Providers Will Now Be Offering Cheaper Data-Only Plans But Canadians See A Major Flaw In Them

The CRTC announced the news yesterday but it hasn't been received well.
Cell Phone Providers Will Now Be Offering Cheaper Data-Only Plans But Canadians See A Major Flaw In Them

If the past few years have shown anything, it's that Canadians are determined to find a good deal when it comes to their phone plans. Take the $60/6GB fiasco, for example. The extremely long lineups and general chaos that ensued across the country over the temporary deal proved that Canadians are dying for more data at a cheaper price. 

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This week it seemed the CRTC had made a move that finally would help Canadians get closer to that reality. The commission announced that companies such as Bell, Rogers and Telus would be offering at least one phone plan that cost at least $30 or less a month for 1GB of data. 

Telus would be offering their version of the plan which would feature a $30 a month rate for 1GB through both Koodo and Public Mobile. Rogers would also be offering a similar plan for $30 through Fido and finally, Bell would offer the same 1GB a month plan for $28 a month through Virgin Mobile. The deals are set to be available within the next three months. 

While the announcement sounds like a step in the right direction, Canadians were quick to criticize the choice by the CRTC. Even though this does make data more affordable for Canadians, it doesn't relieve the monopoly issue that the Canadian cellular landscape is currently dealing with.  

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Instead of helping smaller companies come in and offer cheaper plans, the same "Big Three" are continuing to dominate the market and Canadians are not happy about it: 

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Via Reddit

Clearly, it looks like the CRTC are going to have to go back to the drawing board if their end goal is to satisfy Canadians when it comes to data plans. For the time being, at least Canadians who are looking for a phone plan that offers more data for a cheaper price in comparison to what's already offered can find a deal for now. Though if you want to find some serious deals, you can always consider buying a dirt cheap phone plan from France

Source: CBC