Tubeless Toothpaste Actually Exists & 2 Canadians Invented It

Toothpaste that you chew?
Change Toothpaste Is Actually Tubeless To Reduce Waste
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Brushing your teeth is something that we're all taught from a young age and there hasn't been much variation over the years. But two Canadians recently invented an alternative that also helps the environment. The product they created, Change Toothpaste is a tubeless version in the form of a tablet that will literally change the way you brush your teeth. 

With their spin on this classic toiletry, there are no tubes to be found. It is a simple tablet that you can use to replace the squeezable packaging so you don't have to throw it in the garbage when they're empty.

Two Canadian entrepreneurs, Mike Medicoff and Damien Vince, co-founded the zero-waste toothpaste brand in Edmonton and were inspired to do so by Medicoff's daughter who wanted her family's home to be as zero-waste as possible.

"We’re trying to do one small thing. We don't need everybody doing everything 100% correct, we need everybody doing something small," said Vince to the Edmonton Journal.

To use their product, put a single tablet in your mouth, bite down on it a couple of times and then brush your teeth using a wet toothbrush so it'll foam up. Once it's foamy, it works just like what you're used to. 

Plus, the tablets are all-natural, vegan, and contain no gluten, dairy, nuts or soy and are free of any harsh chemicals. 

After lots of tests and consultations with a dentist to figure out the perfect combination of texture and flavour that would also work like conventional products, the duo finally found what they were looking for.

"This is recipe number 119. We have tried a lot of bad toothpaste," said Medicoff.

The two have launched a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising $10,000 to invest in equipment and bettering the Change Toothpaste production lab to make more flavours.

As of publication, $14,095 has been raised.

Not only is the product itself eliminating waste but the packaging is also environmentally friendly.

The pouch contains zero plastic and is completely compostable. It is mailed in a 100% recyclable container that's made with recycled newspaper.

To reduce waste even more, the company also sells bamboo toothbrushes to replace those plastic ones you get from the dentist and the store.

A one month supply of the toothpaste will cost you $9.95 and comes with 65 tablets which are enough to brush twice a day with a couple of extra ones just in case. 

Right now, only spearmint flavour is available for purchase.

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