Playgrounds aren't just for kids. Kiddie versions involve swings and monkey bars, but ours involve go-karts and booze. This giant adult playground in Charlotte is a massive indoor/outdoor carnival with everything from arcade games to gravity-defying rides.

Frankie's Fun Park (the name says it all) is a massive entertainment complex with five locations throughout the Carolinas. Charlotte's location, which opened in December 2018, is the largest of them all.

The indoor/outdoor park takes up 84,000-square-feet atop a whopping 20 acres of land. That just means more boozy fun on a larger scale for all the grown-ups in Charlotte.

Frankie's has literally everything that comes to mind when you think of the word "fun." There's, mini-golf, go-karts and bowling with 24 luxury lanes lit with nostalgic neon colors. 

Don't worry, those are just the teasers. There's also a 7-D ride, interactive VR games, a huge arcade, laser tag, a fun house bumper cars and thrilling rides both inside and outside. 

Play basketball, racing games and tons more at the arcade to get your adrenaline pumping before hopping on the true carnival rides including Drop Zone, Swings, Disk-O, Tea Cups and Discovery.

Of course, it wouldn't truly be an adult playground without alcohol. Frankie's lounge has a massive bowling-themed wrap-around bar with whimsical furnishings and bright lights.

Stop here in between activities to fuel up on signature craft cocktails or choose from the wide selection of wine and beer.

It's completely free to enter the park and you pay a range of small prices per activity.

Pair your drinks with bar food apps like wings and dips or go all out with burgers, pizza or sandwiches.

It wouldn't be hard to spend days (or even weeks) here. Usually, you have to wait until fall for the short-lived fair season, but lucky for Carolina-dwellers, you can experience this funland all year long. 

Frankie's Fun Park

Price: $20+

Address: 10621 Bryton Corporate Center Dr., Huntersville, NC

Why You Need To Go: Bring out your inner child at this massive adult playground with endless rides, games and lots of booze

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