People are flocking to find contact from anything, even if it's not another human being. Now more than ever animal adoptions are seeing a massive influx of adopters and foster parents passing through their doors. There's even an animal adoption in Charlotte that has a special program just for cats who will trade a hard days work for a home. 

The Humane Society of Charlotte in North Carolina do their best to find loving forever homes for their many rescued animal friends.

The organization provides health care, including behavior counseling, to all of their pets before and after placing them with new caretakers. 

While most animals are looking for all the petting and cuddle sessions, not all are welcomed to this kind of love. However, this doesn't stop The Humane Society from finding these special rescues someplace to call home. 

Considered "Community Cats," these felines are normally "stray" or "feral" cats that are more accustomed to the outdoor world and are not interested in being indoors with humans. These cats require minimal contact and would rather not be touched at all.

Given these cats are used to hunting their own food, they tend to have a higher prey drive and would often be found hunting snakes, rats or mice.

Because of these instinctual hunting skills, these cats make the best "working cat" employees who can be adopted as the ultimate rodent and pest control. 

Every Working Cat comes with the same love as the more cuddly cats, including spay/neuter, rabies vaccination and microchips.

While these cats are not best in homes with families, they're perfect for barns, garages, warehouses and wide open yards. 

To set up an appointment to "hire" a new employee (for free), potential parents can visit The Humane Society Charlotte's page on Petandgo to see who's available for you to meet.

Narcity reached out to Community Cat Program Manager Leah Massey (aka The Boss) for further details and will update with new information when possible. 

Every animal needs a home and a good meal, and while a cat may not be the best companion, they can certainly perform an honest day's work.