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The 'Tinder' For Pet Adoptions Says Everyone Is Looking For Puppy Love Right Now

Ready to adopt or foster?
Animal Adoption In North Carolina Is Getting A Digital Make Over With This App

Continuous swiping through dating apps like Tinder and Bumble might be the activity of many during this quarantine season. If looking for a lifelong partner isn't the move, swiping to find a furry friend to take care of might be a better option. Animal adoption in North Carolina and beyond are getting a lot easier with this app created by true Carolinians. 

"My wife and I had recently found out that we were having our first child. While telling our friends about the great news they recommended an app called Kinder that would help us find names we liked in a fun tinder-like swiping interface," said the creator of Petly to Narcity. 

Franco Valdes, a Charlotte resident, launched Petly at the end of 2019. The app helps those who want to foster an animal without having to go to an adoption shelter.

Petly works with 14,000 shelters all around the US so no matter where residents are, they have the opportunity to foster an animal in need.

There are more than 30,000 animals within these shelters that need loving homes. 

Just like your average dating app, you can swipe right for yes or left for no until you find the right cat or dog for the entire household. 

Once an animal is chosen, the shelter will then get in touch with the wanna-be foster parents and take the next steps to bring the pet home.

Valdes explained to Narcity that since the launch of the app in November of 2019, there's been about a 30% increase in page views and inquiries every month and with the quarantine, it's increased.  

Valdes, and his wife, own two rescue dogs named Tripp and Homer. They wanted to find a way to help dogs be fostered and adopted after seeing how many other shelters needed help. 

"Why not take the concept behind Kinder and apply it to fostering and adopting pets!? I opened up my laptop, started designing and coding, and around thirty days later it was released on the app stores," explained Valdes. 

Petly is available in the app store and on Google Play and is completely free to download. The quarantine season might be boring, but a furry friend might give a little excitement to the work from home life. 

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