Many people view popsicles as a symbol of their childhood summers. Now that it's 2020, things have changed and there's a new and much more elaborate way to enjoy these fruity treats. The best ice cream in Charlotte can be found at this popsicle bar with chocolate covered everything, from ice-pops to waffles.

Popbar is a whimsical dessert shop in Charlotte with additional locations in 23 other cities in Texas, Georgia, California, Florida and more.

They even have hubs abroad in Panama, Canada Singapore, serving up crazy twists on classic treats.

The iconic Popbar comes in three options: gelato, sorbetto and yogurt. You can then choose how to "dress" your 'sicle.

With over 40 flavors and 15 toppings and dippings, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to fully, half dip or drizzle dip your treat in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel and more.

You can then choose to add crunchy toppings like pistachios, almonds, coconut, chocolate chips, sprinkles and more. 

It doesn't end at popsicles. Additional signature items include chocolate-dipped waffles on a stick, popwiches (ice cream sandwiches on a stick), popbites, mini pops and their unique gelato shakes. 

These shakes are topped with a chocolate-dipped cone covered in sprinkles and filled with whipped cream. These all-natural, 16 oz. sippable sundaes come in six flavors including green tea, strawberry, vanilla caramel, coffee, chocolate and vanilla.

Although many people crave ice cream treats in the spring and summer, you can enjoy Popbar all-year-round because they sell gourmet hot chocolate mix that you can take home with you to make yourself.

If you aren't in the Charlotte area and still want to experience one-of-a-kind sugar rush, you may want to check out their other North Carolina location in Concord Mills.

Popbar Charlotte 

Price: 💸

Address: 3123 N. Davidson St. #102b, Charlotte, NC

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy dessert in a whole new way at this one-of-a-kind popsicle bar with 40 flavors and over 15 dippings and toppings.