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You Can Explore Charlotte On This Boozy Adult-Only Comedy Bus For Under $30

Booze and comedy, what could go wrong?
Boozy Comedy Bus In Charlotte Is A Raunchy Good Time & Only Costs $27

We can all agree that adult-only events and attractions are the best kinds out there. When you mix comedy and alcohol, that makes for an even better activity for you and your friends. This boozy comedy bus in Charlotte, North Carolina is super affordable and one of the best things to do when you visit the big city. 

The Funny Bus Comedy City Tour in Charlotte is the perfect way to learn about the city and see some pretty neat landmarks. It's also BYOB or wine, so it will be extra fun with some alcohol in your system. 

The bus will take you around some of the nicest and most interesting neighborhoods, teach you about the city's history, and even leave you laughing after your tour is over. 

This tour is about 90 minutes long and you'll be on a wild ride the entire time. Each bus has its own tour guide who just happens to be a comedian as well. These jokes are not feel-good jokes, they are raunchy, raw, and for adult ears only. Don't say we didn't warn you.

The bus is an open-air bus so you'll be able to see all the landmarks perfectly and have some fresh air if you drink a little too much. 

You'll be taken places on this tour that you never knew existed in NC. Even though your guide will be cracking jokes the whole time, they will be very informative about the sights you pass. 

Each bus holds 15 people, so you and some strangers might get very close, very fast. You can rent the bus out for a specific event, or hop on with just a few friends. 

The tour comes in three categories: regular, PG-13, and R. Depending on your group, choose wisely for the best, and most funny experience. 

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Funny Bus Charlotte 

Price: $27+

Address: 301 E. Seventh St., Charlotte, NC

Why You Need To Go: This is the perfect tourist attraction to see the city of Charlotte. Your tour guide doubles as a comedian and you can BYO beer and wine on the tour as well. 

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