Millennials are known for their spontaneous behavior, especially when it comes to travel. If you like the idea of a last minute vacay, you should totally check out cheap Charlotte flights, including this round-trip flight to Vegas for less than $100. You'll finally be able to say, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

If you've never been to the lively land of gambling, now is your chance to experience Nevada's version of "the city that never sleeps." Put on your party pants and pack your bags because you can actually fly out for only $94 right now. 

If your schedule is flexible, you can totally make this work because this super steep discount applies to various dates starting now through February.

You can actually avoid hidden fees and frequent delays because, surprisingly enough, this flight isn't with a discount airline. Instead, you'll be flying with American Airlines.

If you've already received your tax returns, this is the perfect trip to treat yourself for all that hard-earned money; and you honestly won't even be spending that much.

Flights aren't the only thing that will be cheap here. Another plus is that tons of Vegas hotels and accommodations are super cheap, probably because they expect you to feed their economy at the casinos.

It'll also be easy and affordable to get around with these awesome new Uber buses. When it comes to food, you can eat at lots of places for less than $7.

You'll feel like you're in a magical heaven as you take in all the brightly-lit bars and casinos lining the streets at every turn.

Make sure to brush up on your Blackjack skills before you go, and always stop for the street magicians if you want to have your mind blown.

Aside from gambling, there is so much to do in Vegas. Either way, prepare your body and mind for tons of drinking.

Flights From Charlotte To Las Vegas

Original Price: $200+

Sale Price: $94

Why You Need It: Treat yourself to a surprisingly cheap and super fun trip with your tax return $$.