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You Can See The Decade's Last Full Moon Peak From Charlotte This Thursday

From the recent "Unicorn" meteor shower to the Dracanoid shower, the South has witnessed a lot of astronomical wonder this year. The giant galaxy above us is constantly mustering up something amazing, including the decade's last full cold moon Thursday. You can see the marvelous lunar spectacle from Charlotte and other cities in the Eastern time zone on Dec. 12.

The "Cold Moon" gets its name from its time of occurrence; when the weather starts to get chilly. Thursday morning's cold moon has previously been referred to as "nvda gutiha" ("Snow Moon"), by The North Carolina’s Eastern Cherokee tribe and "Christmas Moon" by the Colonial Americans. 

With 2020 right around the corner, we can witness the decade's final full moon this Thursday night (Dec. 12). But this isn't just any full moon. The moon will reach its peak at exactly 12:12 a.m. on 12/12, according to the Farmer's Almanac

Charlotte and surrounding areas are a prime locations to catch some awesome views of the moon at it's peak time, including The Devil's Courthouse along Blue Ridge Parkway and Uwharrie National Forest.

The number 12 has a lot of significance in history and society and it has us wondering if this crazy quadruple 12 deal is actually a coincidence.

If you're into numerology and/or astrology, you may be interested in dissecting the meaning behind the number 12. 12 represents the harmony of yin and yang, is considered a sublime number in math, is associated with the heavens (12 months and 12 zodiac signs) and much more.

Interpret this as you wish. This may not be the Unicorn or Draconoid meteor showers, but this "12121212" is absolutely insane regardless.

Lucky for those of us in the Eastern time zone, we get to witness this astrological anamoly at its superstition-striking peak time. This moon is special for many reasons: it's the last of the decade AND it falls under the craziest time and date of consecutive "12s").

Fortunately, it didn't fall on Friday because adding Friday the 13th to this crazy rare mix might just cause the Earth to explode.

Yet another meteor shower will hit skies across the U.S. this Saturday (Dec. 14) so keep your eyes peeled.

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