Charlotte Rapper DaBaby Posted The Most Adorable Fan Reaction & We Can Honestly Relate

If only that could have been us.
Charlotte Rapper DaBaby Posted The Most Adorable Fan Reaction & We Can Honestly Relate

DaBaby is always making headlines but his constant publicity is typically based on something positive. He's generous, treats his fans like family and is just an overall great guy. After non-chalantly handing over a pair of shoes to a fan earlier this month, DaBaby "jump hugs" a fan at a gas station after she expresses her major disappointment for missing his rescheduled concert.

Talk is circulating about this super cute video of Charlotte rapper, DaBaby surprising a fan (Alexandria Coleman) and hugging her at a gas station in D.C. DaBaby just posted the video to his own Instagram page this afternoon and you can't watch it without smiling.

He even continues to show his love for Alexandria with the caption "I love you too."

The video shows the fan freaking out inside a gas station because she had to miss his D.C. show after traveling all the way from Albany, New York.

She traveled pretty far see the "Bop" singer perform, only to find out the 27-year-old rapper had to postpone his Saturday performance to Sunday night because of his appearance on SNL. These make-up show tickets sold out almost immediately, before Alexandria could snag them.

The fan states, "I came in [the gas station] for a soda and now I just want a hug" and to her surprise, her wish came true right then and there.

The camera moves to the back of the gas station to show DaBaby hiding behind one of the aisles, waiting for the perfect time to pounce (literally). He then runs up to the fan and literally jumps on her in a massive embrace. 

Apparently it's a GIF now too.

Alexandria was freaking out, screaming "I can't even f****** believe this s***" in the happiest of ways. And if you think the love ends there, think again.

Alexandria told TMZ that DaBaby gave her and her friends free tickets to the make-up show with "the best seats in the house" and they even get to go backstage.

From performing via FaceTime in Charlotte after his jet broke down, to giving expensive shoes and big hugs to fans, we're just excited to see what's next in the news for DaBaby.

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