DaBaby Is Giving Away A Free Concert After Missing His Charlotte Show Last Night (VIDEO)

He did the entire show via FaceTime!
DaBaby Is Giving Away A Free Concert After Missing His Charlotte Show Last Night (VIDEO)

Modern-day Rap legend DaBaby is not only known for his super lit music, but also his generosity and random acts of kindness. The Charlotte-based star loves his fans (who he calls family) and aims to never let them down. That's why DaBaby's Charlotte concert was performed via FaceTime last night, despite the rapper not being able to make it to his hometown to perform.

DaBaby, a humble and talented musician, is known for donating tons of cash for a cause and even surprising his fans with gifts. He randomly and wordlessly handed over a pair of his shoes to a fan at a meet-and-greet earlier this week and that same fan love continued last night (Dec. 5) when he did everything he could to keep his Charlotte fans happy.

DaBaby is currently on his Kirk Tour promoting his recently released album (Sept. 27) of the same name. Last night, the private jet was experiencing technical difficulties, preventing him from performing at Bojangles Stadium in Charlotte. He posted a lengthy apology on IGTV a few hours ago, explaining the entire situation to his audience.

However, that didn't stop him from putting on a show. Thanks to technology, DaBaby literally performed his concert via FaceTime on the big screen and the sold out crowd of over 8,000 screaming fans went wild. He totally took over the stage without even being there.

In the video accompanying his apology, DaBaby states his team spent an extra $30,000 for the private jet to come and go on the same night so he was not happy about the unfortunate circumstances. That didn't get in the way of putting on an awesome show for his fans.

"I just witnessed myself rock a coliseum through a FaceTime call," states DaBaby on his Instagram post. "God gave me the opportunity to show my city I’m NOT perfect. While at the same time showing me that I don’t gotta be perfect at all for my city to love and support me."

Not too many performers go to this length to satisfy their fan base. DaBaby concludes his IG statement with "y’all helped me write another page in the history book last night. Preciate y’all for understanding."

In his video, he also states that he will make it up to his fans with a free concert with a undetermined date at the moment. We suggest you keep your eyes peeled for that rain check and definitely don't throw out those tickets.

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