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Donuts In Charlotte Don't Get Much Bigger Than The Ones At Suarez Bakery

Doughnuts are every sugar-lover's dream. The fried sweet treats are always incredibly scrumptious, but what if you could triple the size? If that sounds like a dream come true, you have to try these donuts in Charlotte because the "Texas-sized" treats come in the form of giant cakes.

Suárez Bakery, established in 1992 by Carlos Suárez, is a scratch bakery in Charlotte and it's actual dessert goals. The freshly made sweets are super warm and delicious, but the best part is the portion size because these pastries are massive. 

The bakery makes custom cakes and desserts and has an in-store menu featuring everything from brownies to fresh bread, and even coffee.

The most notable pick is Suárez's signature "Texas" donut which is literally the size of your head. It comes in several varieties and is so delicious that you won't have trouble eating every last bite in one sitting.

Imagine stacking three of these bad boys with layers of icing in between. Well, that has to be the shining star on the menu. About seven inches in diameter, the cake serves six to eight people.

The Texas donut cake is layered with vanilla cream and Texas doughnut holes. It's only $20 which is a pretty sweet deal for something this scrumptious.

You can customize your cake with a wide selection of dips, filling, and sprinkles. If you think you have to miss out because of dietary restrictions, think again. They have 100% vegan options for the cakes and lots of other pastries too!

Go home with some more mouth-watering baked goods, including a massive sweet "pretzel twist," cupcakes, truffles, cheesecake, pastelitos, eclairs and tons more. 

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Suárez Bakery

Price: 💸

Address: 4245 Park Rd., Charlotte, NC 

Why You Need To Go: To eat massive donut cakes and pastries as big as your head. Need we say more?

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