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A Liquor Store In Charlotte Is Creating Sanitizer To Help Local Heroes Combat COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, many Americans are unsure of what to expect next and how to proceed. Many businesses have closed, but few are trying to contribute to helping fight the crisis. A liquor store in Charlotte is doing its part by manufacturing an in-demand product.

Doc Porter's Distillery is a spirits shop in the Lower South End of Charlotte, North Carolina. They have produced several major spirits (vodka, gin, bourbon, and rye) in their local distillery since 2014. 

With the coronavirus making its way through North Carolina (currently 297 confirmed cases are reported by the Department of Health and Human Services) locals are taking the much needed precaution of encouraging social distancing. 

Most businesses in the state have closed, including Doc Porter's. However, the distillery has decided to start a sanitizer program to "fight against the spread of COVID-19." The distillery has begun creating in-house sanitizer, that has been approved by the federal government and the World Health Organization. 

The sanitizer, as stated on the company website, will go to those who are on the front lines of this pandemic — the first responders, medical professionals, and those running local shelters.

While they are making santizer for these professionals, the program is also collecting sanitizer from locals who are willing to assist in protecting their fellow Carolinians.

The distillery is asking for large quantities (one to five gallons) to be dropped off at their location.

As a liquor store, Doc Porter's is taking a major hit in closing their doors — in their words "it's REALLY f*cking painful" —however they are still willing to help locals out with their booze needs.

The company is making a promise to allow locals who come to their location now to stock up on booze for their upcoming quarantine.

As long as they return once this is all over and support their local business, the owners will "cocktail with whatever you have, whatever brand, with whatever mixers."

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