Studies have shown that your happiness at work increases when you're surrounded by plants and greenery, and that same sentiment can be carried over to a bar. Plant shopping and champagne-sipping go hand in hand, and that's how the concept for this new Charlotte plant store that doubles as a tranquil bar came to be. 

PlantBar is a multi-use space where all your Pinterest dreams will become a reality. Located in the quaint Charlotte neighborhood of Dilworth, this trendy plant store will bring some serious good vibes to the area. 

You can sip on sangria while combing through the shelves of plants, or just stop by to realign your energy in the super cleansing space. The beer, wine and mimosa bar are sure to get you feeling right. 

In addition to the boozy features, by far the most impressive are the workshops. The staple class will be the build-your-own terrarium, but there are some other off the wall offerings. Some PlantBar locations have even introduced a sushi-making class for the evenings. 

The average price for a class will be $35, which will cover all the costs of materials for the little plant haven you can take home. 

Charlotte is the first stop to PlantBar expanding its goodness into the Southeast with a slated opening of February 2020.

The best part is that it'll be right next to Taco Mama, so you can get all your taco cravings fulfilled before a workshop.  

Speaking of brand new additions to Queen City, this adult arcade is another way to relieve stress and feel like a kid again. 


Price: 💸💸

Address: 2452 Park Rd. Suite (TBD), Charlotte, NC 

Why You Need To Go: Your Pinterest board will come to life in this trendy slice of plant heaven.