North Carolina is home to expansive mountain ranges, charming beach towns, and bustling cities.

Every year, tourists from all over the globe flock to the Tar Heel State to take in its natural beauty.

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DaBaby is always making headlines but his constant publicity is typically based on something positive. He's generous, treats his fans like family and is just an overall great guy. After non-chalantly handing over a pair of shoes to a fan earlier this month, DaBaby "jump hugs" a fan at a gas station after she expresses her major disappointment for missing his rescheduled concert.

Talk is circulating about this super cute video of Charlotte rapper, DaBaby surprising a fan (Alexandria Coleman) and hugging her at a gas station in D.C. DaBaby just posted the video to his own Instagram page this afternoon and you can't watch it without smiling.

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Modern-day Rap legend DaBaby is not only known for his super lit music, but also his generosity and random acts of kindness. The Charlotte-based star loves his fans (who he calls family) and aims to never let them down. That's why DaBaby's Charlotte concert was performed via FaceTime last night, despite the rapper not being able to make it to his hometown to perform.

DaBaby, a humble and talented musician, is known for donating tons of cash for a cause and even surprising his fans with gifts. He randomly and wordlessly handed over a pair of his shoes to a fan at a meet-and-greet earlier this week and that same fan love continued last night (Dec. 5) when he did everything he could to keep his Charlotte fans happy.

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