The weekends are meant to be spent relaxing and catching up with your friends, not for work. Finding new spots to go is the move and we've found the perfect place for your next get together. A place to eat in Charlotte that you must try is Hawkers and it'll feel like you stepped right onto the streets of Thailand. 

Hawkers will give you an authentic taste of true Asian food. The creators of this intriguing spot were inspired by their Asian travel adventures and the hawker stalls that were on the streets. You know, kind of like that hot dog stand that has the best food you've ever tried at 2 in the morning, but better. 

There are locations in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and soon Tennessee. The inside of the restaurant will transport you to the streets of Asia and you'll keep going back for more. 

The cultural decor on the inside is so spot on, you'll question if you are still in Charlotte, honestly. The neon signs and the quirky wall posters will give off a unique vibe you can't get anywhere else.

We hope you're good at sharing your food because this is what Hawkers is all about. Everyone orders something different and you all share so you can try everything. There are 31 different dishes to choose from.

Nothing here costs over $9.50, so if you're on a budget, this is your place. A few items you'll see on the menu are the chicken dumplings, beef skewers, multiple noodle dishes and even wings. 

You can't forget about the cocktails here, they're just as good as the food. One of the most popular items has to be the boozy juice pouches. It comes with Naked Turtle rum, lemongrass simple, lime, mint and soda. You'll feel like a kid again drinking one of these. 

Another affordable spot that just opened in Charlotte is this spot with over 20 types of tacos and is even open late at night so you can grab some after a long night out. 


Price: 💸

Address: 1930 Camden Rd., Suite 260, Charlotte, NC

Why You Need To Go: This unique spot will give you all the vibes as if you were on the streets of Asia finding the best hawker stalls.