Charlotte is a city that is constantly growing and welcoming new establishments into the downtown and Plaza Midwood areas. There is one spot that you must visit when you are in the area and it serves up some of the coolest drinks around. This restaurant in Charlotte has a cocktail lounge that will turn your drink into a science experiment. 

KiKi opened in Plaza Midwood in Charlotte, North Carolina back in November of 2019. It's directly below the popular spot, Soul Gastrolounge, which is owned by the same folks. 

This location also has a rooftop terrace that overlooks Central Avenue and a pretty cool, and very intimate, cocktail lounge.

The lounge is called Tattoo and it's a great place to hang out while you're waiting for your table, or if you just want to grab a drink or two

KiKi resembles a French bistro with hints of colors and unique furniture; Tattoo is dark with a more jungle-like theme. You'll get the best of both worlds when you visit. 

This cocktail lounge is pretty tiny, which makes it just that more intimate. Only 16 guests are allowed in the area at once, so it's best to get your drinks right when you get to the restaurant. 

You can get creative drinks here that you've probably never seen or tried before. The main bar in KiKi has more than 50 bottles of wine and bubblies and has 14 draft cocktails. 

Tattoo told Narcity that they like to look at every drink made as a science project and every so often they have different "studies." From now until March 1, you can order the Forest Floor, Great Lakes and Umozoi no Sakura. 

The Forest Floor drink is served in a bowl-like dish with a cloud of dry ice surrounded by decorative mushrooms to make it look like an NC forest.

The Great Lakes is made table-side, just like guacamole. You'll get a brandy drink that has flavors of chai, orange and cherry. 

The Umozoi no Sakura, which means Cherry Blossom in English, and it's a drink that is served underneath a globe of smoke. 

Each of the study drinks are $16 and come with an experience. 


Price: 💸💸

Address: 1500 A Central Ave, Charlotte, NC

Why You Need To Go: This cool restaurant in Charlotte has a cocktail lounge that whips up the most impressive drinks.