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Starbucks Is Having A Holiday Pop-Up & Giving Out Free Drinks In Charlotte This Weekend

Here's where to look!
Starbucks In Charlotte Is Giving Out Free Drinks For Their Holiday Pop-Up

Starbucks is notorious for giving out discounts and BOGO deals, but to get a drink for free is a rare occurrence. In most cases, you can only get a freebie on your birthday. But in true holiday spirit, Starbucks decided to have a holiday pop-up offering free drinks.

Today, with Charlotte being one of the 4 cities in North Carolina that's offering this awesome freebie, Starbucks will be handing out one free tall, handcrafted espresso beverage to all customers between 1-2 p.m. local time.

What does that beverage entail, you may be asking? “Customers who visit a participating store will receive a free tall handcrafted espresso beverage of their choice, hot or iced, including Peppermint Mochas, Iced Toasted White Chocolate Mochas, lattes, macchiatos and more,” Starbucks said.

Now I don't know about y'all, but that sounds like an amazing deal. Having Christmas land right in the middle of the week has been a bit torturous for us folks who had to go back to work this Friday.

Why not bring a delight to your work schedule and swing by for a free, lil' pick-me-up?

What's even better is that you can keep the holiday cheer going. That peppermint mocha sounds just like Christmas in a cup.

So go on and visit the Starbucks located at 4820 Berewick Towne Center Dr. since that will be the only nearby Starbucks offering this holiday pop-up!

And if you keep checking back on their website, more locations will be announced in the next four days. You might just get lucky enough to grab five Starbucks drinks for free in the next couple of days.

Starbucks Holiday Pop-Up

Price: FREE

When: December 27, 2019

Address: 4820 Berewick Towne Center Dr., Charlotte, NC 

Why You Need To Go: Who doesn't love a free Starbucks drink?

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