Velvet Taco Is Finally In Charlotte & You Can Get Over 20 Types Of Insane Tacos

Shrimp & Grits in taco form? We'll take five.
Tacos In Charlotte Are On A Whole New Level At The New Velvet Taco

Tacos are every food lover's dream. The soft or crunchy shells can be filled with literally anything, making them easy to crave 24/7. Experimenting with concoctions is fun but most joints don't offer much beyond plain chicken, pork or beef. These wildly unique tacos in Charlotte can be found at Velvet Taco, which just opened last week.

If you want something new and creative when it comes to shelled goodness, you have to try out Velvet Taco, a brand new spot in Charlotte with over 20 wildly unique creations.

The chain recently opened a location in Atlanta this fall, and has others in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, and Austin.

As of December 9, all of Charlotte can enjoy it too at Optimist Hall. It may take a bit to decide exactly what to order because literally all of the options look amazing. But they at least separate the options into six categories: chicken, veg, pork, beef, fish and brunch (served all day).

Expect to grub on never-before-seen inventions and choose fillings like chicken & waffle, fish 'n' chips, fried paneer, and falafels. Another popular choice is the grilled salmon option served in a purple hibiscus corn shell.

No matter your choices, we suggest pairing them with the amazing red coconut curry queso or crispy tater tots topped with a local sunny-side-up egg.

Save room for dessert because the "velvet" didn't come out of nowhere — they have red velvet cake on the menu.

Next time you're craving Mexican street food with a twist, grab your squad and hit up Velvet Taco for some of the best in your life. It's open super late too and serves booze so you can turn your night into a whole shindig all in one place. 

If you're a die-hard fan of this Mexican staple, we recommend going to this North Carolina taco fest in March with over 30 types to choose from.

Velvet Taco

Price: $4-$6

Address: 1115 N. Brevard St. Suite 11, Charlotte, NC

Why You Need To Go: Indulge in over 20 types of crazy unique menu items and make a night out of it with their drink options.