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7 Sneaky Ways Costco Gets You To Spend More Of Your Money

Come with a plan, leave with things you didn't come for. 💸
Cheap Costco Hacks: 7 Sneaky Ways They Get You To Spend More Of Your Money

Whether you're lured by the deals, discounts or just the free samples — few frugal Canadians can resist a Costco run when groceries are low. If you want to know the best cheap Costco hacks, then it helps to know exactly what they're up to and how they get you to spend way more of your money than you intended. Turns out, they have some sneaky tricks up their sleeves that will get you to gladly fork over the cash.

We love to save money at Costco not just so we have more money in the bank but also because it gives us a huge sense of accomplishment.

With Black Friday coming up on November 29, this list of the members-only store's secrets will have you in the right frame of mind to focus on getting the best deals.

According to the CBC, everything from the layout, scent, and sound of the store can affect your psychology and how you buy.

In Canada, Costco is even bigger than Walmart, proving that we love saving money.

Once armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to shop at the discount giant with confidence. Plus, you can even get a free $40 voucher right now to sweeten the deal. 

Free Samples

How They Get You: Going to Costco is more than just a shopping trip — it's an entire experience. Free samples of Cheetos are going to make it more likely that you pick up a giant bag and throw it in your cart.

Impulse Buys

How They Get You: Since it's a bargain store, you might think that everything around you is super cheap; however, it is not always the cheapest place to buy something. You're likely to make an impulse buy if you think it's inexpensive.

Essentials In The Back

How They Get You: Those everyday foods that you need like produce, meat, and dairy are likely to be at the back of the store. You'll have to walk through a ton of other enticing items before you get to the milk and you might buy things you didn't come for.

Constantly Moving Things Around

How They Get You: In the aisles, things seem to never be in the same place and that's intentional. It turns shopping into a scavenger hunt and you're likely to find more things to throw in the cart along the way.

You Have To Be A Member

How They Get You: Costco has great deals, especially on things like gas and sale items. To get those deals and save money, you have to become a member. A Gold Star Membership will set you back $60 per year.

Limited Signage

How They Get You: Ever look around an aisle and wonder what is even going on? There aren't a ton of signs in Costco stores. That leaves shoppers to follow the colourful packaging, brands, and fun items that catch their eye.

Cheap Eats

How They Get You: The food at the food kiosk can be a siren call and if you get a craving for a $1.50 hot dog and walk into the store, you might be tempted to pick up a few items that you didn't come for.

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