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Domino's Pizza Canada Is Doing 50% Off All Pizzas This Week

Cheap and pizza: our two favourite things. 🍕
Cheap Domino's Pizza Deals In Canada Get You 50% Off All Pizzas This Week

Whether you stayed out of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday craziness or you were right in the thick of it, everyone appreciates getting a good deal on the things they love. When we're on a budget, we live for cheap Domino's Pizza deals that give us what we want for a fraction of the cost. For Cyber Monday, they've seen fit to gift us with a half-off all pizzas deal that's online only and we're sure this is a deal you won't want to pass up.

From Monday, December 2 until Sunday, December 8 all online ordered pizzas are 50% off their menu price.

If you need a little cheesy fuel to get you through the rest of your week, then this pizza deal is just what you need.

Especially if you've been busy shopping and racking up a huge credit card bill this last weekend with all your Black Friday craziness, cheap pizza doesn't take up much room on the old visa card.

Just when we thought we got the best deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday has rolled around and delivered like a pizza.

Aritizia's Cyber Monday deals are insane and you can get all-inclusive vacations for rock bottom prices that we almost never see. 

There are also more Amazon deals than any one person could possibly look at.

If you need that little extra push of stamina to wrap up your shopping spree, then treat yourself to cheap pizza tonight.

Domino's is actually the largest pizza company in the world and it's their zesty sauce that keeps us coming back for more. That and the cheap pizza deals.

Anytime there's half-off our favourite pizzas, you know that the moment we don't feel like making dinner is the same moment we're going to order pizza instead. It's just too easy.

If you, too, don't feel like cooking right now then you can check out all the Domino's deals online.

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