6 Tiny Houses For Sale In Canada That You Can Afford To Buy With An Entry-Level Salary

Beautiful little homes you can actually afford without a mortgage.
6 Tiny Houses For Sale In Canada That You Can Afford To Buy With An Entry-Level Salary

With all the depressing news about the ever-rising cost of real estate in cities across Canada, owning a home seems like an impossible dream for many millennials. Especially in cities like Vancouver, where millennials need to make over $200,000 a year to afford the average home. Cheap houses for sale in Canada are hard to come by, but thankfully, tiny home living is on the rise.

By definition, tiny homes are self-contained units that are anywhere between 100 and 400-square-feet in size. They come in many shapes and sizes, but all are efficiently designed to save space. Much like minimalism and tossing out items that don't "spark joy," the tiny home movement is about living simply and being happy with less.

Tiny homes have all the amenities and functions of a regular house, plus they can be really cozy, not to mention affordable. There are tons of them for sale on Tiny House Marketplace right now, several of which are in Canada.

Tiny homes are perfect for small families, couples, or for living solo. If you've got a small budget and a big sense of adventure, the tiny home movement might be something fun to try. 

Here are a few of the tiny houses on the market in Canada right now to get you inspired.

North Bay, Ontario

Price: $66,500.00

Address: 111 West Peninsula Road North Bay, ON

Description: This red cedar-pine wood tiny home is built to withstand Ontario winters. Complete with a stainless steel fridge, custom birch and maple loft stars, and a white-washed pine interior.

[image 5dc09aaef4628407679ebd71]

Cochrane, Alberta

Price: $58,000.00

Address: No address listed

Description: This custom-built tiny home has all the comforts of a full-sized house. It boasts a sunk-in dining area, soaker tub, queen size murphy bed and beautiful kitchen. It's a cozy little unit built on a 24-foot trailer.

[image 5dc0a43bf5fb3006698d7017]

Calgary, Alberta

Price: $45,000

Address: Bragg Creek, AB

Description: This is a cozy winter-ready home with two lofts for queen-sized beds, a shower, tub, galley kitchen and plenty of counter place and storage. It also has a third hideaway bed and sleeps six adults in total. It's worth noting that this one does have some completion work left to do.

[image 5dc0a867f4628407679ebf0b]

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Cumberland, British Columbia

Price: $71,500

Address: 2770 Windermere Avenue, Cumberland, B.C.

Description: A professionally constructed one-bedroom tiny home with vaulted ceilings, groove pine walls and a sliding barn door for the bathroom. The exterior is an adorable navy shade with white trim and a bright yellow door.

[image 5dc0aa13f5fb3006698d70b6]

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Burnaby, British Columbia

Price: $60,000

Address: 7860 Express St., Burnaby, BC

Description: This tiny house has it all, even a rooftop deck. It has wood flooring throughout and tiled flooring in the bathroom, a marble countertop, exposed beams and a cozy, modern interior. It can be taken off the grid and transported easily.

[image 5dc0ac43f5fb3006698d70ec]

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Sechelt, British Columbia

Price: $79,800

Address: Homestead Avenue, Sechelt, BC

Description: This craftsman-built tiny house is on the pricier end of the spectrum for a reason. The loft-style, open-concept space is complete with skylights and is designed to feel much larger than it is. The wood framing and pine walls provide warmth and charm and the wheels make it easily transportable anywhere.

[image 5dc0ae70ba9251075c08d986]

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