There's no denying that tiny living is the new wave, especially with how affordable many listings for tiny homes are these days. A cheap Missouri tiny home is the way to go if you're looking to move to or relocate within The Lead State. In fact, there's one in particular that will blow you away with how unique, spacious, and overall amazing it is, and the location is just the cherry on top. 

The Universal Dome is listed on Tiny Home Listings by the owner, Mvleuvan. Currently, it's priced at $9,500 and there is the option to apply for financing. 

Not everyone's definition of "affordable" is the same, after all. 

The Universal Dome is 14-feet wide, 9-feet tall, and 196-square-feet, making it the perfect new space for one or two people.

Plus, the structure has been built to withstand any and all extreme weather scenarios. The listing can handle hurricane-force winds and up to 30-feet of snowfall pressure.

When in Missouri, you never know what to expect when it comes to the weather, but with this home, you'll never have to be worried about overpreparing. 

The listing has been viewed 61,045 times and "dream listed" 101 times, meaning quite a few people have their eye on it, so the time to strike is now!

If you're interested in customizations or upgrades, you can reach out to the owner here.

The Universal Dome comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty in case you're not satisfied with your new home. 

Though, it's hard to see why you wouldn't be. Say hello to your new home in a dome!

The Universal Dome

Price: $9,500

Address: Kansas City, MO

Description: Affordable tiny home in Kansas City, Missouri with enough room and amenities for one or two people.

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These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.