You Can Watch New Movies At One Of Florida's Last Drive-In Theaters For Only $6

Drive-ins will never go out of style
You Can Watch New Movies At One Of Florida's Last Drive-In Theaters For Only $6

Drive-in movie theatres are inarguably one of the best ways to experience a movie. Pack your lawn chairs or stuff your trunk with pillows and blankets, make some of your favorite tasty treats, and lay out under the stars while the movie plays on a big, yet intimate, screen. You can catch super cheap movies at this Florida drive-in theatre and for way less than what you’d pay at a fancy theatre.

At Silvermoon Drive-in, you can watch first-run movies with double-features showing all week long!

Silvermoon boasts an impressive lineage of being the first drive-in theatre in Lakeland, Florida, opening in 1948 and operating ever since. Times have certainly changed since the opening, when admission cost 35 cents and screenings included shows about the Korean War.

The theatre has even survived several natural disasters, including a tornado in 1950 that destroyed the screen, and a hurricane in 1960.

While many other drive-in theatres that opened in the ’50s and later had to close their doors, Silvermoon has remained an oasis of entertainment in Central Florida.

It’s recommended that you arrive well before your screening starts to get a good spot, as there is no “saving spots” allowed. You can bring your own goodies, but there is also a concession stand to pick from as well.

Starting Friday, you can some brand new first-runs of Maleficent, Zombieland, Joker, and even Lion King, for just $6!

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Silvermoon Drive-In

Price: $6

When: Open daily

Address: 4100 New Tampa Hwy, Lakeland, FL 33815

Why You Need To Go: You can get an awesome vintage movie experience in the comfort of your car at this drive-in theatre!

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