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Cheap Roundtrip Flights To Sunny Places From Texas

It may have taken until mid-December, but Texans are finally being hit with weather that's, well, not at all what they're used to. Whether you're from Dallas, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio, you're having to wear some serious layers when you go out, when most of us would prefer to be tanning right about now. Fortunately, that's actually possible, and you don't have to break the bank to do it! We've found six cheap roundtrip flights to sunny places from Texas.

It's a Christmas miracle!

Austin to Los Angeles, California

Price: $97

Airline: Spirit

Why You Need To Go: LA may be a bit cooler these days, but the city is still feeling an outrageous amount of heat for this time of year. Lucky for you, you'll be able to heat up while bumping into a celeb or two.


Houston to Cancún, Mexico 

Price: $160

Airline: United

Why You Need To Go: You'll be able to relax on a beach with a drink in hand, and no matter what time of year it is, that never gets old!


Houston to San Salvador, El Salvador

Price: $140

Airline: Spirit

Why You Need To Go: When have you ever seen flights like these headed to such a magical place for so cheap!?


San Antonio to Orlando, Florida 

Price: $77

Airline: Frontier

Why You Need To Go: Walt Disney World is looking more magical than ever now that the holidays are here, so Orlando is the perfect trip to be taking right about now.


Austin to New Orleans, Louisiana

Price: $65

Airline: Spirit

Why You Need To Go: People are still wearing their hats and sunnies while here, so you know it's going to be a good time.


Houston to San Juan, Puerto Rico

Price: $117

Airline: Spirit

Why You Need To Go: This spot is truly as close to paradise as you can get, and your wallet doesn't have to feel any type of pain for you to get there.


Dallas to Phoenix, Arizona

Price: $113

Airline: Spirit

Why You Need To Go: Phoenix, Arizona is basically a desert, so if you're looking to escape the cold then look no further. The flight is short, so you'll be getting your tan on before you know it.


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