Want your dollar to go further? Don't look for real estate in B.C. If you're still convinced that you can get a house out west for cheap, then we rounded up some of the cheapest houses in B.C. to show you can get in the province right now for $50,000 or less.

We were surprised that there were even options to choose from because the province has mindboggling real estate prices most of the time.

While our hearts might be in one of those stunning lakeside palaces we've seen in B.C., our bank accounts do not agree.

On this list, you might not find the home of your wildest dreams. However, considering what we know about real estate in B.C., especially the high costs of living in Vancouver, these places are a total steal.

It's a bitter pill to swallow when you realize that 50 grand can get you little more than a trailer sometimes while in New Brunswick it can get you a six-bedroom house.

That said, if you're looking to live within your means and you're flat out tired of paying rent every month, then owning even a tiny place far from the city could be worth your while.

Tiny On Tumbler Ridge

Price: $47,000

Address: 107 Meikle Ave., Tumbler Ridge, BC

Description: Two bedrooms AND two bathrooms make this little abode the perfect starter home for a couple and their dog.

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Quaint Home

Price: $50,000

Address: 33 Fulton St., Granisle, BC

Description: For a house that's this affordable, it's in good condition and has an upgraded bathroom, kitchen appliances and flooring. Does need some TLC but still a deal.

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Small & Sweet

Price: $49,900

Address: 8 - 302 Broadway Ave. N., Williams Lake, BC

Description: The inside of this house is surprisingly cute and even though it's little it's the perfect cosy house.

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'70s Vibes

Price: $29,900

Address: 29 - 770 11 Ave. N., Williams Lake, BC

Description: Sure, it's a mobile home from 1971 but that just means it has authentic vintage vibes for less than $30,000.

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Affordable Place

Price: $34,500

Address: 118 - 1427 Dog Creek Rd., Williams Lake, BC

Description: This two-bedroom, one-bathroom place is so affordable that it wouldn't take long to pay off the mortgage even if you don't have a big savings account.

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Starter Home

Price: $49,000

Address: 2855 Blackwater Road, Quesnel

Description: We're not going to lie, this place needs work, but it's so cute and has a lot of potential.

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Two For One

Price: $49,000

Address: 60 & 64 Aspen Place, Tumbler Ridge, BC

Description: This mobile home has an addition to it so it's super spacious. It might not be your dream home but it's at least cheap.

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