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8 Ski Resorts In BC Just Got Ranked The Cheapest In North America

It's shredding season!
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8 Ski Resorts In BC Just Got Ranked The Cheapest In North America

It’s almost that time of year. Winter is just around the corner and that means it's going to be ski and snowboard season very soon. B.C. obviously has some pretty epic mountains but did you know that we also have the cheapest ones? According to a recent study, B.C. has eight of the cheapest ski resorts in North America. If you’re budgeting this winter but still want to have fun, you may want to consider hitting up these destinations. 

Between the equipment, trip, and lift passes, it can be pretty expensive to indulge in this Canadian pastime. Thankfully, not all resorts are super pricey. 

In order to make sure we all get the best deal, HomeToGo did the hard work for us by compiling the 50 cheapest ski resorts in North America. 

The website did this by combining the cost of ski accommodations, lift tickets, equipment rental, and lunch on the slopes from various different resorts. 

Accord to the 2020 Ski Index, eight of the top 50 cheapest ski resorts are in the province. Coming at number four on the list is Silver Star Mountain. To ski here, you’re looking at paying an average of $283.80; which isn't bad considering that is accommodations, lift tickets, rentals, and lunch. 

The next B.C. locations are Revelstoke, Fernie Alpine, and Sun Peaks. These locations came in at eighth, ninth, and tenth places respectively. 

Big White followed at number 12 with Kicking Horse and Panorama at 16 and 17. If you find yourself attending these areas, expect to pay around $345.15, $353.1 and $353.22, respectively. 

The most expensive B.C. mountain is Whistler Blackcomb. This beautiful mountain will cost travellers around $488.13 when everything is all said and done. 

It’s easy to see why this mountain is the most expensive B.C. location as it has the “most mountain” in all 50 North American locations. With over 8,170 acres of lift-serviced terrain, there are tons of slopes to explore.

Out of all of North America, the cheapest place is actually in Alberta. Marmot Basin comes in at number one. Here, guests can expect to pay an average of $234.68. 

If you don’t have your season lift passes now, we suggest you get them as they will only get more expensive. 

If you plan on venturing around to find the perfect slope, be sure to check out the complete list for details on how much to budget. 

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