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30 Fun Things To Do In Chicago With Your Boyfriend If He's A Grandpa

Low-key activities for true romantics.
30 Fun Things To Do In Chicago With Your Boyfriend If He's A Grandpa

Chicago is a massive city with endless activities, sites, places to go, and things to see. I can go on. 

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Sometimes the vibe in the city can get hectic, and if you happen to find yourself paired with a guy who calls himself an "old soul," it may seem like there are never any activities low-key enough for his mellow temperament.

But zoom in for a closer look, there are actually tons of places, attractions, and sites for even the oldest of souls to enjoy in the bustling city of Chicago. Here are just a few!

1. Reserve a ticket for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Where: 220 South Michigan Ave

@chicagosymphonyembedded via

Watching a live orchestra perform is such a unique and moving experience. And although this activity normally strikes one as being more in the 50-85 age bracket, I think that the younger generation should and are starting to enjoy these types of activities more and more. Put down your phone and just enjoy the sweet sounds of music.

2. Visit the University of Chicago

Where: 5801 S Ellis Ave

@uchicagoembedded via

This prestigious university is located in Chicago's famous Hyde Park. Characterized by a blend of Gothic architecture, ivy-covered walls, and wide tree-lined paths, walking through campus almost feels like your walking through a movie set. And the quiet academic mood is the perfect escape for any city-dweller looking for a moment of calm and silence.

3. Visit the Field Museum Of Natural History

Where:1400 S Lake Shore Dr

@jorgeamigoembedded via

This museum is perfect for a date. With massive dinosaur and animal skeletons, there is always something to "oooh" and "aaaah" with your date. This huge museum is a prime location for you and your old man boyfriend to spend an afternoon.

4. Hang out on the Chicago River Walk

Where: Chicago Riverwalk

@sylvia_tylusembedded via

There is no activity that screams old man quite like walking. If you want to go for one of the best walks in the whole city, check out the Chicago Riverwalk. It's an open pedestrian waterfront located on the south bank of the main branch of the Chicago River in downtown Chicago.

5. Visit the Shedd Aquarium

Where: 1200 S Lake Shore Dr

@shedd_aquariumembedded via

Aquariums are entertaining for pretty much any age group. Fish are just endlessly fascinating creatures. This aquarium boasts all kind of sea life from the coral reefs all the way to the Arctic. It's an awesome way to spend an afternoon with someone special, especially if it's hot outside.

6. Visit Grant Park

Where: 337 E Randolph St

@nareah43embedded via

There's nothing quite as low-key and relaxing as hanging out in a public park. And Grant Park has it all. Located in the downtown core of the city, this park is known for the beautiful Buckingham fountain pictured above. Make sure to come with a couple pennies to throw in for good luck.

7. Visit the Palm Court Tea Room for afternoon tea at the Drake Hotel

Where: 140 E Walton Pl

@juliems3embedded via

High tea is undoubtedly a classic tradition. The Palm Court at the Drake Hotel has been doing high tea for almost a 100 years, so you know this is a very old and well-respected tradition.

8. Visit the Adler Planetarium 

Where: 1300 S Lake Shore Dr

@adlerplanetembedded via

Any activity that involves some level of learning always strikes me as a little bit "old man." That's why visiting the Planetarium is perfect for your grandpa boyfriend, he will love not only learning but the quintessential romantic vibe of it all.

9. Take the Architecture River Tour

Where: Southeast corner of the Michigan Avenue Bridge at Wacker Dr.

@martikonstantembedded via

What old soul doesn't appreciate a little architecture? That's why you should take your grandpa boyfriend on the famous Architecture River Tour in Chicago. It's about 90 minutes long and you will be inspired by all the stunning design in the city.

10. Visit the American Writers Museum 

Where:180 N Michigan Ave

@adonisduradoembedded via

This museum is perfect for the grandpa boyfriend who loves to bury himself in a good book or gets lost writing poems. The museum is located right in the heart of touristic Chicago and features rotating exhibits to keep the museum fresh and exciting.

11. Visit the Chicago Botanical Gardens

Where: 1000 Lake Cook Rd

@run_teacher_sabembedded via

Nothing like a visit to a beautiful garden to awaken the old man spirit inside of you. A walk through Chicago's Botanic Garden is definitely a winning activity for the couple with the old soul.

12. Visit the Chicago History Museum

Where: 1601 N Clark St

@chicagomuseumembedded via

The first thing that pops into my head when I think "history museum" is an old man. So, if you got a low-key grandpa boyfriend better take him to brush up on his history at this beautiful museum in the heart of Chicago.

13. Visit the Chicago Museum Of Contemporary Art

Where: 220 E Chicago Ave

@oliviacrandallembedded via

Although, in general, contemporary art is less grandfatherly, I think any person with an old soul can appreciate this type of art exhibit. The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art is actually one of the worlds largest contemporary art venues. So it's a definite must-see.

14. Visit the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

Where: 125 W Fullerton Pkwy

@memoriesbywayneembedded via

Old men prefer silence. That's why you should take your grandpa boyfriend to the tranquil Lincoln Park and it's prized attraction the Caldwell Lily Pool. This lily pool is so beautiful, it's the home of many wedding ceremonies happening all summer long.

15. Visit the Herold Washington Library 

Where: 400 S State St

@392_21_0223embedded via

I don't really need to explain myself when I say that old men love books. That's why you should visit one of the most iconic and historic public libraries in the city. It's truly stunning work of post-modern architecture, as you can see above.

16. Visit the Garden Of The Pheonix Foundation

Where: Jackson Park

@kingpapijioembedded via

Boasting the cutest little waterfalls and footbridges, this public park looks like it came out of a fairytale book. It's a great space to submerge your senses in greenery and escape hectic city life for a moment.

17. Visit The Bloomingdale Trail

Where: 5801 S Ellis Ave

@jonathanyschanembedded via

This perfectly paved and pristine pedestrian trail — also dubbed the 606 trail — is the perfect green escape from the city and a great place to bring your grandpa boyfriend from a stroll away from the chaos of the city.

18. Visit the Museum of Science and Industry

Where: 5700 S Lake Shore Dr

@msichicagoembedded via

This museum has got old man written all over it. Also, is located in one of the most beautiful parks in the city, and the building itself is a marvel. The inside of the museum is filled with artifacts your grandpa boyfriend will drool over like model railroads and spaces rockets.

19. Visit the International Museum of Surgical Science

Where: 1524 N Lake Shore Drive

@himynameisjohnoembedded via

This slightly eerie exhibit is perfect for your nerdy grandpa boyfriend and boasts 10,000 square feet of public galleries committed to the history of surgery and a permanent collection of art and artifacts from the history of medicine.

20. Visit the Chicago Lakefront trail

Where: Lake Michigan

@scotttttgembedded via

This 18-mile long and exposed lakefront trail is perfect to go on a long romantic walk or jog with your old man boyfriend. He will definitely appreciate the tranquil waterfront views and peaceful scenery.

21. Visit the Violet Hour Bar

Where: 1520 N Damen Ave

@misslucygoosieembedded via

Most old man boyfriend's idea of turning up doesn't involve tequila shots and dancing until 3 AM. But old men do still need to let loose every once and a while. That's why you should check out this super mellow and laid-back speak-easy style bar with your grandpa boyfriend.

22. Visit the Dusty Groove vinyl store

Where: 1120 N Ashland Ave

@redbullradioembedded via

Most guys who claim to have an "old soul" also come with a vinyl record collection. If your boyfriend is one of those, take him to this notable Chicago record store; they are known for their massive and rare vinyl collection.

23. Visit the Art Institute of Chicago

Where: 111 S Michigan Ave

@jani.nineembedded via

This art institute will be appreciated by your boyfriend with the old soul because not only is it located in the beautiful Hyde Park but it's also one of the oldest and largest museums in the U.S.!

24. Visit the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago AKA The Money Museum

Where: 230 S LaSalle St

@larryhodakembedded via

This historical museum is perfect for your boyfriend that loves to learn and is curious about money, politics, economics, and everything in between.

25. Visit the Poetry Foundation 

Where: 61 W Superior St

@poetryfoundationembedded via

Granpa and poetry go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Poetry Foundation is a stunning building in the heart of downtown Chicago and will not only be appreciated by poetry-lovers but also by those who can appreciate good design as well.

26. Visit Garfield Park Conservatory

Where: 300 N Central Park Ave

@enjoyillinoisembedded via

This conservatory is located in one of Chicago's most beautiful parks and features 10 acres of outdoor gardens and two acres of glass-top greenhouses. It's one of the largest botanical conservatories in the nation and is completely open to the public!

27. Visit Oz Park

Where: 2021 N Burling St

@prangy_prangembedded via

Located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of North Chicago, Oz Park is a great place to hang out, relax, and just generally turn down with your grandpa boyfriend.

28. Visit Myopic Bookstore

Where: 1564 N Milwaukee Ave

@bvankampembedded via

This massive tri-level bookstore is an old man's dream! This store stocks over 80,000 tomes; you can spend an entire afternoon just leafing through books here. Your grandpa boyfriend will absolutely love it.

29. Visit Mertz Apothecary

Where: 4716 N Lincoln Ave

@freshgrownembedded via

A grandpa boyfriend can appreciate a little blast from the past, so why not take him shopping to an old-timey apothecary that boasts a modern twist.

30. Visit the Chicago Temple Building

Where: 77 West Washington Street

@beccalynnequadeembedded via

This isn't just a church, it's a sky scrapper and a church. This impressive 568-foot 23-story building towers over Chicago. You can easily visit it from the outside, or take a tour of the inside as well, Tuesdays-Saturdays at 2 pm.

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