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31 Women With Badass Jobs In Chicago

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31 Women With Badass Jobs In Chicago

Chicago is one of the best cities in America to live in. It has a rich history that's visible in all of it's infamous architecture, it's located right on the water, and it has an brilliant art scene!

You'd be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't love the city of Chicago or someone who says that they hate living there. That's why it's no surprise that this city is filled with inspiring, strong and hard working women!

This article is all about celebrating the women of Chicago that are working badass jobs and killing it! It's important to celebrate the creative, ambitious and beautiful women that make up our communities.

Leave us a comment if we missed anyone that deserves some love and support who are killing it in their careers!

31. Theresa Panzica // @panzicalaw


@panzicalawembedded via

Why She's Badass: Theresa runs her own law firm in Chicago that's dedicated to real estate law. She's been recognized by multiple Chicago magazines for the work she does which is incredibly impressive!

30. P.J // @i.pj

Hair Stylist

@i.pjembedded via

Why She's Badass: This Chicago gal owns her own hair styling service where she provides impeccable hair care to her clients. She specializes in weaves, cornrows, ponytails, and so much more!

29. Rachel Lackowski // @massageandyogabyrachel

Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

@massageandyogabyrachelembedded via

Why She's Badass: Rachel is a licensed massage therapist as well as a yoga teacher based in Chicago. She offers her massage services from her home and teaches yoga at various studios across the city!

28. Andi Lawrence // @glamorgrit

Registered Nurse

@glamorgritembedded via

Why She's Badass: Andi is a registered nurse in Chicago that is also running a lifestyle blog and Instagram account! She promotes living a happy and healthy life through her online channels, always.

27. Honey B // @djhoneyb


@djhoneybembedded via

Why She's Badass: As a female DJ in the Chicago area, Honey B is definitely killing it. She works at various events and parties across the city!

26. Maggie Antillon-Mathews // @maggiesellschicago

Real Estate Broker

@maggiesellschicagoembedded via

Why She's Badass: Maggie is a real estate broker/realtor in the Chicago area. She's been working in Real Estate in the Northside of Chicago for over 17 years!

25. Rashidat // @iam_rashidat

Wellness Coach

@iam_rashidatembedded via

Why She's Badass: Rashidat is an expert in all things wellness. She's the author of a 7 Day Detox book, teaches yoga in various studios, provides weight lifting advice and teaches meditation for beginners!

24. Michelle Sams // @4carmiecakes


@4carmiecakesembedded via

Why She's Badass: Michelle owns her own baking company in the Chicago area. She's a self-taught cake artist that makes stunning cakes, cupcakes and cookies for special events!

23. Lisa // @bloomsnblissfloral


@bloomsnblissfloralembedded via

Why She's Badass: Lisa owns her own floral studio in Chicago. She creates gorgeous flower arrangement, bouquets and even flower crowns for parties and events!

22. Roxy Yang // @roxy_yang


@roxy_yangembedded via

Why She's Badass: Roxy is a professional photographer in the Chicago area. She also works as a stylist and lifestyle/fashion blogger!

21. Victoria Cohen // @almondsandasana

Yoga Teacher

@almondsandasanaembedded via

Why She's Badass: Victoria is all about wellness in her life and promoting it to her followers. She teaches yoga at various studios in Chicago and she also runs a personal blog with food, health and travel tips.

20. Cynthia M. Flowers // @cmf_wellnessbydesign

Registered Nurse

@cmf_wellnessbydesignembedded via

Why She's Badass: Cynthia is a registered nurse in Chicago that promotes wellness through her social media. She's also very passionate about living an active lifestyle and helps others reach their fitness goals.

19. Lidia Felix // @loansbylids

Loan Officer

@loansbylidsembedded via

Why She's Badass: Lidia is a Loan Officer based in Chicago. She works mainly in the real estate sector and helps banks and individuals reach loan agreements.

18. Asijah Marie // @_asijahmarie_


@_asijahmarie_embedded via

Why She's Badass: Asijah is a female artist in the Chicago area. She makes hip hop and rap music that's available to listen on her Soundcloud account. She also plays various shows in the city.

17. Ava // @avacustomsweets


@avacustomsweetsembedded via

Why She's Badass: Ava makes adorable cupcakes, cookies and cakes for special events. She customizes her desserts for each customer and event making each one unique!

16. Lauren Sims // @laurenloooo


@laurenlooooembedded via

Why She's Badass: Lauren is a photographer in the Chicago area. She takes stunning pictures mostly of couples for weddings and engagement shots. She also takes portraits for local models.

15. Brie Pflederer // @splendor_of_eden


@splendor_of_edenembedded via

Why She's Badass: Brie is a talented florist in Chicago. She creates stunning floral designs for weddings and events inspired by gardens and textures.

14. Jenny // @lumcollective

Web Designer

@lumcollectiveembedded via

Why She's Badass: Jenny has created her own unique and inspiring web design company. She merges art and technology to create websites that are special to each brand and company.

13. Maggie Enterrios // @littlepatterns


@littlepatternsembedded via

Why She's Badass: Maggie creates stunning illustrations that are so perfect they almost don't look real! She's also an author of a published journal and you can purchase her beautiful illustrated leather jackets and prints on her website.

12. Steffanie Danby // @steffanie_danby_interiors

Interior Designer

@steffanie_danby_interiorsembedded via

Why She's Badass: Steffanie owns her own interior design business in Chicago. She also provides general contracting work, home staging and photo styling.

11. Sheila Arora // @sheilakarora


@sheilakaroraembedded via

Why She's Badass: Sheila is an artist based in Chicago that creates gorgeous works. She paints on small and large canvases and is represented by the Thomas Masters Gallery in Chicago!

10. Sameena Rahman // @gynogirlchitown


@gynogirlchitownembedded via

Why She's Badass: Sameena is a physician based in Chicago. She specializes in gynaecology, cosmetology and aesthetic services. She works hard to make sure women are healthy in their everyday lives.

9. Katie Ray // @newdaynsa


@newdaynsaembedded via

Why She's Badass: Dr. Katie Ray is a certified chiropractor and network spinal analyst. She owns her own chiropractic clinic in Lincoln Square, Chicago!

8. Autumn Love // @autumlove__

Personal Stylist & Fashion Blogger

@autumlove__embedded via

Why She's Badass: Autumn is all about fashion and she clearly has an amazing sense of style. She's a fashion blogger and a personal stylist!

7. Ashley Dahl // @ashleydahlphotography


@ashleydahlphotographyembedded via

Why She's Badass: Ashley is a professional photographer based in Chicago. She specializes in weddings, portraits, and lifestyle shots and you can see all her amazing work on her Instagram and website!

6. Maya-Camille Broussard // @justiceofthepies


@justiceofthepiesembedded via

Why She's Badass: Maya is an entrepreneur who created who own homemade pie company! She bakes delicious pies that are available for order through their website.

5. Madeline Doherty // @madelinexmedia


@madelinexmediaembedded via

Why She's Badass: Madeline is a videographer based in Chicago. She shoots creative videos, edits and takes photographs for various business and companies.

4. Erika // @theycallmecheferika


@theycallmecheferikaembedded via

Why She's Badass: Erika is a chef in the Chicago area that runs her own food-dedicated blog. She creates unique recipes and posts them on her website where anyone can try them in their own kitchen!

3. Margaret McNulty // @moira_mctaggert

Tattoo Artist

@moira_mctaggertembedded via

Why She's Badass: Margaret is a tattoo artist in Chicago that works out of Animal Farm Tattoo. She creates gorgeous works of art that are unique and special to each person she tattoos.

2. Kia Marie // @kiamarievents

Event Planner

@kiamarieventsembedded via

Why She's Badass: Kia runs her own event planning business based in Chicago. She's the lead planner for destination events, celebrations and parties both in Chicago and all over the world!

1. Angela Guinta // @angelaguinta

Fashion Designer

@angelaguintaembedded via

Why She's Badass: Angela has her own fashion line based in Chicago. She specializes in making luxurious clothes that are elegant and sophisticated but comfortable for everyday wear.

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