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You Can Rent Out Scottie Pippen's Mansion For The Olympics & Live Like A Basketball Legend

If an indoor sauna and basketball court is your kind of vibe. 🤷

Scottie Pippen's House Is Up For Grabs On Airbnb For The Olympics

It won't be long now until the Olympic Games commence, but if you live near Chicago, you don't just have to watch the Games at home on TV.

Instead, Team USA and Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen is renting out his house on Airbnb for fans of the Olympics who would prefer to watch with an indoor movie theatre or an indoor basketball court.


The house is available for three one-night stays, and booking opens on July 22. There's no price listed yet, but it's hard to imagine there won't be an Olympic-sized price tag on a renting a house like this.


There's a ton of Olympic memorabilia around from Pippen and Team USA's gold-medal run at Barcelona 1992, immersing guests in the spirit of the Games from the moment they step inside.


The indoor movie theatre is available for watching the Olympics, and there's even an outdoor pool with a TV as well so you don't have to miss a moment.


The indoor court is nice enough for an Olympic game, with a personalized "Pippen" decal, just in case you forgot which millionaire's house you were staying in for the evening.


Pippen's bedroom overlooks the court, so don't you ever accuse this man of not eating, breathing and sleeping basketball.


Guests at the mansion will also be able to chill out inside the indoor sauna, which is perfect after you've tired yourself out playing one-on-one basketball for 15 minutes (just like the pros!).

Ball Out at Olympian Scottie Pippen's Home


Price: TBA

Location: Highland Park, Illinois

Why You Need To Go: Being able to say you watched/played basketball at Scottie Pippen's house is legendary to begin with, but the other amazing amenities are pretty decent perks as well.

Book here

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