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Chip and Joanna Gaines Waco Celebrations Continue This Spring For Their Market Weekend

Markets are super fun to browse, but even so markets in the spring time when the weather feels fresh and the sun hits just right. (In Texas, that is much appreciated when we get sweltering weather for the most of all year.) But you haven't experienced a good market day than Chip and Joanna Gaines' Spring at the Silos in Waco, Texas.

Kicking off their fourth year now, Spring at Silos is exactly what the title refers. You get to celebrate all things spring time at the famous Magnolia Silos.

I like to think of it as one, big Gaines welcoming party. From music to food, to even shopping, the happy people will definitely bring you joy. Joanna has also been spotted hanging out there.

And if you've been before, you will probably want to go back again. This year they are also introducing exclusive ticketed events. Spending a little money will go a long way, because we all know the public events will get crowded!

The exclusive events start with a special rooftop picnic, where you'll be able to enjoy a catered lunch from Cheddar Box, while enjoying the views from the rooftop of Magnolia Market. 

There's plenty of dates and times available right now between March 12 and March 14. Tickets are $30, and there will be plenty of iced tea to go around also. 

And if you happen to get to stay longer, stay into the evening because both nights will also offer intimate concerts by Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz and Jon McLaughlin on the 13th, and Ben Rector on the 14th.

Everytime there's been a concert at the Silos, it has sold out. It's a true magical experience to be able to sit back and relax to some tunes under the Texas stars.

If you aren't looking to spend money, (because let's be real, Christmas put a damper on the wallet), just stop on by to enjoy the vendor fair. With free access, you'll be able to shop at the different stalls and enjoy food from the many food trucks on site.

Hopefully the new Magnolia Press might be open by then, and that's sure to be a beautiful coffee spot. And if you're lucky, which you probably will be, The Gaines will be out at the market too!

Spring at the Silos

Price: Free - $65

When: October 12-14

Address: 601 Webster Ave., Waco, Texas 

Why You Need To Go: This event will feature tons of vendors for a free market day, and live entertainment for a nice evening out. 

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