The adorable Fixer Upper stars are local Texan celebrities we all know and love. Their building and design skills always blow their fans away and their holiday decorating masterpieces never fail to inspire others. This season, Chip and Joanna Gaines' Christmas-themed Waco home is a contender for the homiest winter spot in Texas.

The two celebrities love to take to their social media to show off their incredible handiwork at their Waco home. They use a mix of personalized pieces and Magnolia decor to dress up their home, all topped with a giant, real Christmas tree that they went to pick up last week. 

Time to get some major inspo for your home this holiday season!

The family makes it a tradition to head out to their local Christmas tree tent to pick out the perfect tree to serve as the centerpiece of their decor each year. 

This November, they went to the Robinson Family Farm in Temple, Texas to pick up the giant new addition to their home. 

Joanna was sure to document the process of setting the huge thing up in their living room. They clearly needed some extra help to get the humongous tree standing!

Their Waco house is 1700 square feet and features a stunning mix of modern and rural design. The renovated Victorian home stands in the middle of 40 acres of sprawling farmland in Central Texas, making it the perfect getaway for the family when they aren't filming.

Their decorated home looks like a total dream when it's completed each year, so we wouldn't be surprised if they stayed in Texas all season long. 

Colorful stockings line the stair railings and tons of green garland and fresh plants bring out the natural accents of the home.

Advent candles, fluffy blankets, and Christmas wreaths adorn the furniture and bring out the coziness of the space. 

The couple keeps to the theme of their Magnolia brand with very simplistic designs and decor made from wood and other earthy materials. 

The family even puts another Christmas tree in their master bedroom to keep the festive lights bright in every room. We wouldn't be surprised if there were mini trees in each of the kids' rooms, too!

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in the Gaines household, and their beautiful decorating has got us all inspired to dress up our own houses to match their extravagant yet somehow still simple decor.

It might be time to head over to the Magnolia Market, the new Magnolia Cafe, or this month's limited-time Christmas markets!