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"Chipotlanes" In Colorado Exist & It's The Fastest Way To Pickup A Chipotle Burrito

Are you tired of standing in long lines for a burrito? Thanks to Chipotle Mexican Grill's newest "Chipotlanes" in Colorado, picking up a meal just got a whole lot easier. The company's latest twist on a drive-thru will allow customers to pick up their meals without leaving their car. 

"Arguably, it will be the fastest way to [get] Chipotle — going through the Chipotlane," CEO Brian Niccol of Chipotle said on a call, according to Business Insider

These new lanes are much like traditional drive-thrus, but with one stark difference. Individuals will need to place orders on the app or online, and proceed to the "Chipotlane" when their order is ready for pickup. 

You can find this newest concept at the Chipotle location off of Prairie Center Parkway in Brighton, Colorado. 

A representative for the company told The Denver Post's, The Know, that another location with this concept would be opening up in Parker in the months ahead. 

The Brighton location is currently open daily from 10:45 a.m. - 10 p.m. and recently opened up to the public. 

This location features a large outdoor seating area and drive-thru lanes.

Currently, the Brighton location is the only one in Colorado with this new method of picking up orders via drive-thru.

However, Colorado isn't the first state to see this new concept. Some Arizona and Texas locations feature these pickup lanes, and more are slated for the future. 

According to its website, Chipotle Mexican Grill uses the freshest ingredients and specializes in a variety of dishes, including burrito bowls, burritos, tacos, and salads.

It seems that waiting in long lines are a thing of the past as Chipotlanes are popping up all around the country. 


Address: 2046 Prairie Center Pkwy., Brighton, CO


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