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Aquaman Came After Washington Native Chris Pratt For Using An Unexpected Item In His Ad

Jason Momoa left a viral comment on Instagram 🌍
Aquaman Came After Washington Native Chris Pratt For Using An Unexpected Item In His Ad

A superhero match went down on Instagram recently. Chris Pratt posted an ad with a plastic bottle, and Jason Momoa wasn't here for it.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star and Washington native took to Instagram where he "low-key flexed" with a plastic bottle for an Amazon ad, and Momoa, a reel (and real) life Aquaman, stood up against it. In a trending comment, the no-plastic advocate wrote, "bro i love u but wtf on the water bottle. no single use plastic. come on." 

While some fans were rooting for an Aquaman Vs Starlord feud, most others were all for the less plastic, but also to the no shame culture.  

One fan took to Instagram and said, "Be the change, encourage change, offer solution & constructive feedback for change. Shaming someone into long term change doesn’t work."

Pratt's fans even pointed to hypocrisy, "Maybe take your own advice and limit use of your gas guzzling vehicles that are hauled around for all of your commercialism."

While another noted, "And yet a simple search shows picture of you drinking from single use water bottles come on dude."

[rebelmouse-image 25960080 photo_credit="prattprattpratt | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="919x434"]

Needless to say, the comment went viral and Jason Momoa reached out to Pratt with a sweet apology.

On Tuesday night, he shared a photo of Pratt with him and his kids. “BRO you know my children and I are madly in love with you and I love everything you do,” Momoa captioned his post. “I’m sorry this was received so badly today I didn’t mean for that to happen.” 

“I’m just very passionate about this single use plastic epidemic,” he added. “The plastic water bottles have to stop I hope u make a reusable water bottle for Amazon so we all can purchase. You’re an inspiration to many I’m one of them.”

He ended the caption with an ad of his own. — By saying, he would send him “a case” of Mananalu, a line of water that comes in recyclable aluminum cans, that Momoa helped launch.

Pratt was quick to reply too, “Aquaman! You’re completely right. Dammit. I always carry my big gallon size reusable water jug around with me too. I even had it that day!!!”

He continued, "If I remember correctly somebody threw that plastic bottle to me in the photo shoot cause I didn’t know what to do with my hands!” he added. “I never know what to do with my hands! So uncomfortable. For real tho. Love you too buddy. My bad. I don’t want your home of Atlantis covered in plastic. Hear that kids? Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” 

We love them both, and we're here for the friendly banter that's not just advocating less plastic, but also mutual respect. 

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