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Christmas Will Be Warmer Than Normal Across Most Of Canada This Year

But you could still get a White Christmas!
Christmas Will Be Warmer Than Normal Across Most Of Canada This Year

As the first of the winter snow begins to fall across the country, Canadians will be starting to wonder what kind of weather we can expect from the upcoming festive season. Thankfully, the Old Farmer’s Almanac have released their predictions for Canada's December weather, and it's looking like some regions will be luckier than others! While most parts of Canada can expect to have warmer than average temperatures, others will see unusually high levels of rain and snowfall.

For the Christmas-lovers and pre-planners among us, there’s no time like the present to start getting prepared for the festive season. With snow falling across Southern Ontario and Quebec already, it’s time to get prepared for what’s coming our way this winter.

Just in time for Ontario’s first snowfall of the fall season, the Old Farmer’s Almanac have revealed their long-range forecast for the Christmas period. As one of Canada’s most trusty sources for long-term weather predictions, you can count on their report as a pretty trusty guide for what’s to come throughout December.

By the looks of things, it's set to be a pretty plesant start to the winter season in Canada, as most regions are predicted to have warmer than average temperatures throughout December. That said, there's going to be no shortage of snow in Canada this year, as many regions can expect to see mega-snow all winter.

To make sure you’re fully prepared for Christmas this year, we’ve rounded up the long-range forecast for the whole country, and here’s what you need to know …

Atlantic Canada: 

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has included Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick for this prediction.

Currently, the website is predicting average temperatures of -1 degrees celsius for December, which is a couple of degrees higher than the average temperature for this time of year. While it might feel slightly warmer than usual, you can expect to experience some of the winter’s coldest periods from mid-December onwards.

There will also be more snowfall than normal this year, with some of the season's snowiest periods arriving in mid-November and lasting until late December.

Southern Quebec

In the Old Farmer’s Almanac report, Southern Quebec refers to Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke and eastern areas of Ontario, such as Ottawa, Cornwall and Kingston. Over here, the forecast looks pretty similar to Atlantic Canada.

Winter temperatures will be near normal in the east and around 3 degrees above average in the west, with the coldest periods starting in mid to late December. Precipitation will be above normal, but there’s less snowfall snow expected overall.

Southern Ontario

In Southern Ontario, which includes Toronto and the GTA, the December weather predictions are a bit all-over-the-place. While temperatures are expected to be above-normal throughout the winter, there’s also going to be more rain and more snow.

Luckily, the December temperatures are expected to be pretty mild, with the coldest periods not arriving until January. That said, keep your snow boots out, because December’s going to be very snowy in Southern Ontario!

The Prairies 

If you’re over in southern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Almanac has good news for you! Temperatures will be up to 6 degrees higher than usual, and there’s plenty of sunny days ahead.

Snowfall will be below normal in the west of the region and above normal elsewhere, with the snowiest periods coming in over the next few weeks.

Southern British Columbia

While it’s also going to be warmer than usual in Southern B.C. this Christmas, a lot of rain is also expected in the region.

Although locals can enjoy temperatures around 3 degrees warmer than last year, the Almanac predicts a December full of rain and flurries, which is less than ideal if you’ve got plans to go Christmas-carolling!


Like a lot of Canada this December, Yukon can expect a warmer start to the winter, with temperatures averaging around 4 degrees higher than usual.

That said, that doesn’t mean there’ll be an ice and snow shortage, as there is above-normal precipitation and snowfall predicted for the region.

Northwest Territories 

While it definitely can’t be argued that the Northwest Territories will be ‘warm’ this Christmas, it will be warmer than usual by about 3 degrees!

Snowfall is expected to be around average in the Northwest Territories this year, as temperatures will sit at around -24 degrees on average.

You can keep an eye on the ever-changing Christmas weather forecast by clicking here.

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